I honestly do not know what to say right now. Trader, you are the biggest pussy in all of CP armies. How can you possibly talk all the shit you do, and then proceed to ignore us when we declare war? First off, SWAT has 5 servers, which have all been invaded/cleansed since we reopened, and I can get each results post for you if you don’t believe me. And even if we did have no servers, how does that make our invasions invalid? That two server no invading rule hasn’t been enforced for years, and was a load of shit to begin with, but nice try though. You’re just avoiding the fact that SWAT will smack the shit out of ACP, as we always have. If SWAT are all multilogs and apparently we can’t change rooms in a battle, then prove it. Show up to your defenses and prove your point. Otherwise you’re pussying out of a war you started with all the shit you talk. At least Albaro posted defenses and showed up to them when we were clearly bigger than ACP. I mean like, just have some dignity bro, this is beyond pathetic, even your level of pathetic, or so I thought.

“SWAT are a bunch of cheaters, so why give the cheaters a chance to gain servers?” Are you an idiot, or are you an idiot? YOU think we’re cheaters, that’s YOUR opinion, but who says just because you have an opinion about something we’re not allowed to invade you? I’ve never heard of something so stupid. Its part of the game, its CP WARFARE. You basically asked for your ass to get kicked, and you’re just going to ignore our invasions? Over technicalities and opinions you or others may have about SWAT? You just amaze me, and not in a good way. You Trader, are BY FAR the biggest pussy ass little kid this game has ever seen. ACP should be embarrassed to have you as their leader, I’m sure as hell I would be.

CPAC won’t do anything, they don’t govern armies. They’re laughing at ACP with the rest of this community, and they don’t care for what opinions you have about SWAT. Yeah, we were set up, I was caught for allowing him to do it, but guess what? That was a week ago, and Verum’s gone now, so you really think they’re going to go out of their way to stay up SWAT’s asses 24/7 because of YOUR opinion. Take a hike, they host a top ten and tournaments, not live to point out whether or not armies cheat. Verum’s plan was well thought through, and he made it more than easy for CPAC to review it and deduct points from our score.

And you’re going to stop SWAT and “show us how irrelevant we are”? No see whats going to happen is, SWAT will steamroll your nation in four days and boost our empire, while you sit around moping about how much of a pussy you are and that ACP can’t get over 10. The only thing they can do is yell multilog at armies who gets better sizes than them, which in this case is every army. I don’t know how you’re going to say SWAT’s irrelevant, when you’re backing out of a war on a game based on armies battling each other. I really can’t wrap my head around how retarded you are, its just still unbelievable to me how someone get talk this much, and then back down the moment they’re confronted. You and ACP are a bunch of cowards, and the REAL irrelevant army of this community. Anyone with a brain would agree on that, especially after this little charade.

ACP has been laughed at for years, and it will continue until the day armies die out. And I wouldn’t count on you caring about negative publicity, because you display quite a lot every day. I just think you don’t want CPAC posting an invasions review with pictures of SWAT maxing 45 and ACP maxing 5. But hey, I wouldn’t either, so thanks for the free servers. 🙂

ACP has 0 dignity, 0 respect, and 1 irrelevant raging faggot.

Your nation is mine.

Go fuck yourself.

2 Responses

  1. the worst leader ins’t Trader, it’s Cassius Brutus!

  2. […] In response to the ACP response, SWAT made it abundantly clear that they still had every intent to invade ACP despite ACP’s claims of invalidity. SWAT also had less-than-friendly words to say about Trader, ACP Leader in their response. You can read an excerpt of that post below, or read the entire explicit post on the SWAT site Here. […]

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