You Asked For It

You asked for it.

As you saw in Ganger’s post, SWAT has officially declared war on ACP. After LT backed out of war with us today, and Trader had another one of his daily shitfits raging about SWAT’s sizes, claiming that we’re all multilogs, I saw no better chance then to get some extra servers. A couple weeks ago, I cut ACP some slack by not smacking them straight in the face right then and there, when they originally raided two of our servers, and talked endless shit with multiple flame posts aimed towards SWAT on their site. I’ve been ignoring Trader, but the rest of SWAT hasn’t. This kid feels all high and mighty because he got ACP leader, which really isn’t an accomplishment, and also feels obliged to talk about SWAT and trash us for hours on end on both SWAT chat, if hes not banned, and other army chats. He claims we still multilog and fails to understand we were set up, simply because he states what he wants to say is true, not what actually is true. ACP’s never been on the side of truth, so that doesn’t really surprise me. We only have five servers as of now, and its time to expand our empire, just as we did a couple months ago. I guess the beating we gave them in August wasn’t satisfying enough. And its scary for them, because we were only getting around 25 then. I know this seems like SWAT is picking on a SMAP army, but honestly guys, how long do you want me to ignore it? How long do you want me to let him talk shit about us and not do anything about it? There is no more time to wait. We act now. I thought we had a good, evenly matched war set up for LT, but that really didn’t work out, so its time to give the guy who REALLY wants to get his ass whooped, exactly what he asked for. Trader, this ones for you. Have fun 🙂


Good luck, you’ll need it! 😀

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  1. […] SWATs declaration of war post was titled “You Asked For It”. You can read SWATs full declaration on the SWAT site here. […]

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