Steping Down from LeaderShip + Reminder of this year

Heyo , i’m Hiroyuki. I’ve been there since Zuke’s gen. Been a while since i joined. I started to lead SWAT with Sammi , fast and Sophy. As you all know they all steped down or retired.

HCOM meeting just after the SWAT return event of this gen. (MAY 30TH , START OF 3RD GEN)
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Amazing SWAT Battle Training [RESULTS]

Today we logged on Snow Shoe @4:00 PM EST for our battle training and it went pretty good. We maxed 20 and we had new interesting tactics. Thanks for everyone who attended and thanks to Blaze and Joshep for taking pictures. This was also the 1st event led by our new leaders: Coolguy , Aubz and Mare, congrats & great job to them.

Before the event began, we gathered at the Plaza. It was pretty weird but it was a good moment to dance and prepare for the event.

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