Battle Training!

Recently we have had a few training events, U-leads, battles with other armies and we are still aiming higher. We need be maxing more so ALL troops should be attending these events 30 is good but 40 is better.


We will be holding a battle training event and we’ll be expecting all of you to be there!!! We are aiming for a max of 40! For those who come, we will be award bot money and points that go towards the agent of the week standings.

SWAT Battle Training

Tuesday 30th March


8:00 PM BST

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

11:30 PM IST

GOAL: 40 Troops Online


Rewards for attendees: Promotions, $500 for our UB shop, 10+ points for our Agent Of The Week

[US/UK] Practice Battle Vs WV

Yesterday, we logged onto ASCENT, Cprewritten, to face the Water Vikings in what was to be a fierce practice battle. We have a history with WV since we have recently been to war with then (last year), while both sides aimed for the win, there was no judges so we’ll let you be the judge of who won.

Max: 30+

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:bonkwv:We have a MASSIVE Practice Battle against the WATER VIKINGS on Thursday!!! If you remember, last year we were at war with them so we need to prove to them that we will not be underestimated and that we can still beat them 100x over! We will need ALL SWAT TROOPS in attendance!!!!! This is a big battle so we will be expecting you to show!

:swatsalute~1: :wvsalute: ✪✪ MASSIVE BATTLE WITH WATER VIKINGS ✪✪ :wvsalute: :swatsalute~1:


Thursday, March 25

:clock: ᴛɪᴍᴇ? :clock:

:newcpuk:9:00 PM GMT:newcpuk:
:newcpus: 5:00 PM EST :newcpus:
:newcpus: 4:00 PM CST :newcpus:
:newcpus: 3:00 PM MST :newcpus:
:newcpus: 2:00 PM PST:newcpus:
:newcpau: 5:00 AM SGT :newcpau:
:newcpau: 10:00 AM NZ:newcpau:

CPPS: [CP Rewritten]


Yesterday, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to hold a U-lead event so that all of YOU can have a chance of leading the event, whether that may be leading an emote tactic, a word tactic or even choosing a form if you were lucky. This event was a success as we reached our goal! We thank you all for coming :Mobties:

Max: 33+
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[UK/US] Training

Yesterday we logged on for a U-lead event which took place later that day. Before that though, at 7pm GMT, we logged onto CPRwritten, Ascent and did some training to prepare us for the battle ahead. This training was cut short by CPR’s server maintenance, however, this did not affect the quality of this event or the spirit of the SWAT Troops

Max: 25+
Average 24/25

We appreciate everyone for coming and bearing with us as we dealt with some issues caused by CPR.