Today, we logged on NewCP for the first time for an AUSIA event, and I must say, we did pretty well! We maxed 20 and had great tactics for the entirety of the event. Thanks to everyone for attending, and lets keep growing!

The Bot Raid Issue

Edit: Fuck off pizza boy ill have you sent back to china

Sprite, raid us again and see what happens. You might think its funny to do this because you know Gob won’t do anything but it isn’t really funny. We can do the same thing to every single RPF event if you want us to I hope you don’t because I don’t really want to fight and argue over some stupid shit like this, but if you want to I guess we can. We could be friends but every time people went on the RPF chat to see why you bot raided us you just banned them. We will not take action this time, but if you do this again we will not be as friendly as we are being now. I hope you are smart enough to stop bot raiding SWAT.

~Everyone in SWAT

This is now our backup website [Official Backup Site for SWAT]

We got our old site back so this is a backup incase anything happens.

Our new website [Reason Explained]

Hello SWAT troop, Lights here to bring you some important information. It is about our new website and why we have this new website. Click “Read More” for the reasoning behind this new website.

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[Results of the past week] and NEW SITE!!


Hello SWAT,

Today, we forgot to log on for our 7:00 invasion, and we defended against the Golds on Slushy at 8:30. We maxed 15, and averaged 12, in a close battle that resulted in a SWAT win. Read on for pictures.


Hello SWAT, we just defended one of our servers Wool Socks outscoring the Golds very badly. The Golds are turning into the Molds HeHe. Click on “Read More” for pictures.

*Note: This was an Ausia defense.


Great event.


Invasion of FROZEN [RESULTS]:

Hello SWAT!

Today, after losing two UK battles, and after Golds pathetically tried to change times on us with the defense of Outback (lol), we came on to invade Frozen. At first we were looking a bit small, with sizes of 17, but then we bumped it up to 22, and towards the end of the battle Golds dropped down to 20, giving us the win. Although we were losing, we matched Golds’ US force, and showed them who’s going to come out on top, whether they have a good UK force or not. I’m proud that we didn’t give up, and just because of that we got a close win. Read on for pictures.

May I also remind you that the Golds critize SWAT for using event helpers when they don’t keep track of how many event helpers they use. How pathetic.

May I even remind you and the people of CPAC that Golds like to take part in ddosing people, because of their nature from DW. Taco/Simon has his bitch, serpent, that he fucks every night with Andrew, ddos SWAT Leader, Benjarkin, and myself.

How low Golds? Find something better to do with your time.

Hell Will Be Unleashed.


UK Defenses Of Parka, Walrus, and Outback [Results]:

Hello SWAT.

Bad here. Just saying I’m not that happy with what I saw from the UK today. If we are going to win this war, then we need to step it up. Only our US can’t win the war for us. Anyways, here’s some results from today.

Starz: In my defense, I’m an idiot. (wary) I also added pictures.

Defense Of Parka

Maxed 4.

No pictures.

Defense Of Walrus

We did great maxing 12+, averaging 10+, but Golds edged us out slightly, and they win Walrus.


Defense Of Outback

Lol Golds. Trying to change times on us? May have had Starz fooled, but not me. If you want to play dirty and talk shit then that’s fine, but we WILL NOT tolerate cheating. SWAT keeps Outback. Nice try Golds.

That is it for this week, this post is for CPAC.

(Dear CPAC, we switched sites since some drama has been happening this past week, ending up in the loss of our old site.)