It’s been a while my friends but I’d just like to say, I like what I see.

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Update: New & accurate Allies/Enemies + battle schedule updated. Freezie has also asked me personally to delete the screenshot of him begging to spare Andrew’s soft IW. Because Freezie is a close friend of mine, I respect his decision to keep this conversation we had confidential. But we all saw & know who’s really afraid. Isn’t really a question. Anyways I shaved down all the cancelled invasions, shaved down the useless capping allies and now since Drew has childishly taken shots at me for trying to improve my life by removing myself from high school at 18 to go get help so I can stay alive, IW will get an extra hard beating on Saturday. Unfortunately for drew and a lot of his squad, sitting in the basement on the computer is the only real quality of life they have. I pity them, but at the same time when I work 40 hours a week & count my bread and do this literally whenever I have free time I’m willing to spare and still can get this army to 50+ in my sleep, it really just makes me laugh. Andrew & those kids at IW won’t ever know what real life is until they leave their stinky rooms and breathe in some fresh air. Better hurry up guys, Ubering the rest of your life ain’t fun, just ask Elm. Anyways, I was able to find some common ground with Freezie, and a new rule has been implemented way further ahead of schedule thanks to me, preventing armies from transferring servers and running away like women when I invade their servers. In a matter of minutes, I helped get a rule change done you were waiting on for weeks in literally two minutes. Just goes to show how much of a joke this has been lol, hopefully we’re on the way to change. That is the goal. The details are below. Death to IW, NDA stronk

I gave you a chance, you’ve chosen death instead. This will be quick. You should have just given me Mammoth, your funeral. 🙂

SWAT & The New Dawn Alliance officially declare war on the Ice Warriors.

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Hello SWAT!

Tonight we invaded Glacier, had some cheap knockoff fake IW’s raid us in snail constumes and do joke bombs on us the entire time so we couldn’t really do any tactics. We secured Glacier within the first 5 minutes so I just figured I’d entertain the clowns for the next 25 minutes because I’m bored and my troops wanted to mess with them too so we had a nice little battle for a bit but like IW their strategy bores me and just goes to show how puny IW & anyone who associates with them really is. We will destroy them easily. Tonight was a bit slow for us, don’t really mind the small sizes for right now we got a lot of events lined up for this week so each one ain’t gonna be crazy, but lets keep recruiting & get our AUSIA division strong because we are capable of a lot more.

~Badboy, SWAT Commander

The Empire Expansion

Alright so let me just start the post with a little disclaimer for other CPO army leaders: Grow a pair.

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Unleashing Hell [HIBERNATE TAKEN]

Hello SWAT!

I’m just going to start off this post by saying wow. In just one week, we’ve already gotten up to consistently getting sizes of 35-40, at may I add four events, three of them being almost close to no notice. What we’ve been able to accomplish in just one week after the turmoil and doubt this army faced with changing discords/sites and everything else just a short while ago is truly unprecedented. And I’ll keep gassing up my owners, mods, troops because they really are something else. I never, in all my years being in armies have such dedicated, hard-working, and just overall genuine people to be around and I gotta say this is exactly why I came back because having fun and enjoying ourselves as a family is what this game is about. And what’s even better is that we’re only gonna get stronger from here. Tonight we finished off our busy week finally breaking sizes of 50, taking Hibernate with no opposition. I know you guys have been asking for practice battles and more interaction with other armies, and I promise soon we will. A storm is brewing, and that’ll all I’ll say for now but be prepared. Also make sure you’re up to date on your rank, we’ve changed some roles on chat and I’ve updated ranks page so check to see if you we’re promoted/demoted in this week’s evaluations. If you were demoted, just remember this isn’t a punishment, all it means is you need to pick up your activity and overall contribution to the army to be ranked back up so don’t worry. Anyways, that’s enough of me for now read on to see the AMAZING pictures from tonight’s invasion. Tactics again were stellar, formations & bombing even better. Once we start battling other armies maintaining this size, no one will beat us, and that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

The SWAT Army broke sizes of 50+ at this invasion

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