✪】 SWAT AUSIA Training 6/28/21

✪】 Attention agents:

Today, June 28, 2021, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team logged in to Club Penguin Rewritten on the server Ascent to have a massively successful AUSIA training! A huge thank you to all of the hard-working SWAT agents who assisted us on our mission, and especially to those from other timezones who stayed up. SWAT Family Forever.

Max: 20, Avg: 18


✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Commander-in-Chief

27/06/21 Agent Of The Week

With the month of June slowly coming to an end, we got a final week that was full of excitement. Many people have been working hard to prove themselves this week and to try and grab the top spot and get AOTW but who prevailed? Let’s find out!

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✪】AUSIA Lifeguard Takeover

Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA event on Tuesday, June 22nd. During the event, the army decided to change up the uniform by wearing the lifeguard shirt from the catalog. While the troops were taking over the map wearing their lifeguard shirts, they were practicing formation changes and holding word tactics. This AUSIA event was a successful takeover. Read more to see a recap of the event!

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✪】AUSIA Training

On Friday, June 25th Special Weapons and Tactics had an AUSIA event. This event was a regular training event for the Morning Warrior troops! Read more to see a recap.

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Pink Guitar Takeover/Battle with Templars

Rendered Image

Today we had a Pink Guitar Takeover event and it went real smoothly, even as the Templars decided to raid the event and were ultimately defeated by the great SWAT nation. Thank you to all the SWAT agents who came and stay updated for the upcoming events on our discord.
Max: 25

SWAT Forever