Event Cancelled

Today’s event is cancelled. Check event schedule and event timer for tomorrow’s event.


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War Training Mission [RESULTS]

Hello Special Agents!

Today we logged on Mammoth for a War Training. We maxed 25 and averaged 23. Again, we reached 40 on chat but didn’t get as much on CP. This is a serious issue. Starting tomorrow, on our rebuilding week, all users that are AFK during events will be zapped. That’s unacceptable. I only got one picture because the tactics weren’t that good either.

~Bad, SWAT Leader

The Evolution Of Spi101

Spi101 has officially evolved into Spisama Bin Laden. God be with him and the Dark Warriors.

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Hello Special Agents.

This war has made a huge impact on us so far and we are improving with every victory over the evil Grand Alliance. Top Ten makers, read on.

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