Recovered: Sports Post

By Reeces2011

Instead of just reading boring posted on the site I deiced we can post about sports. A new post will be posted every week. I’ll do American Football, and Hockey. GoodJoker will do Football(Soccer) and whatever he want’s to do. We need people to do baseball and basketball for the US section. I want to get this into action as quickly as possible as it will make us look like a cool army that doesn’t deal about CP Armies. This is how a post will go-

Who will win?

Team A vs Team B

Then you will name their stars players. Like for Team A you might name Sidney Crosby,Malkin Ect. You will then name the Team A offence and talk about what they can do. Then you will talk about their defense. If you have a goalie you will talk about them. once you are done with the first team you will do the same for the other team. At the end of you’r post you will have a poll saying which team would win.

If this works out we will look like a fun army!

Recovered: PB With Ice Warriors [Mandatory]

By: Goodjoker5

Hey guys. On Saturday we are having a PB with Ice Warriors. I want everyone to attend and to recruit as hell.

Practice Battle with Ice Warriors

When? Saturday August 10th

Where? Chinook

Times? 2 PM EST , 1 PM CST , 12 PM MST , 11 PM PST , 7 Pm UK/GMT

Comment if you can come!!!!!!!!

~ SWAT Leadership

Recovered: Out With The Old, In With The New

By: DPD2000


So we are finally re-designing our website. It was totally out of date. Please be patent as we should be finished some time next week. Thanks for your understanding!

~SWAT Leadership

Recovered: What Do You Call This?

By: Tigermca

Ok, so I spent 5 mins. of my time finding a mascot which angered Goodjoker because I should of been “Recruiting” so I made it up, anyways here’s proof I recruit:

Recovered: What Is This?

By: Goodjoker5

Well hello guys. Today after my breakfast I went to chat. Do you know what I found? Well I saw Tiger with a red pawn (offline), but he was online. I decided to go to the chat where he was and do you know where he was? He was on a tracker chat. I thought ” Hmm , he is maybe recruiting” but it was unlogical that you recruit but you aren’t on chat to member the recruit. So I went to the tracker and found Tiger tracking Herbert! I mean wtf!!!!!!! Here are the pics: Note: I am 1 hour from UK and Tiger is 2 so it was noon for him.

Note: The 1st one on the friends list is Tiger. You can also see Catstew who wasn’t on chat either.

You can see Tiger being on that tracker and he is even mod. Fishy!!!!!!!

^ This is not a mature owner. He was tracking and not recruiting. He wasn’t on chat which means unloyal. Then why don’t we ever have aus events? Because Tiger never tries to recruit someone. His excuse is ” they always ignore me”. That is not possible. There must be at least 1 person who would join.

Tiger is active but that is not enough. Any member can be active. Any mod can be active. But you need to be loyal. You need to recruit to make this army shine. These 2 things Tiger doesn’t do. He was even on a false tracker where the owners are people from some armies. He wasn’t on a real tracker recruiting. Guys , you can always track a mascot. But an owner ,if he wants to track , needs to recruit and track if he wants. In the same time.