Attention Agents: SWAT War Training

Attention all SWAT agents:

All hands on deck. Prepare for a massive event. We are unchained. We are SWAT strong. SWAT eternal. SWAT forever.

End Transmission.


SWAT Commander-in-Chief

One Slice Too Many

Pizza Federation is a small army that goes around maxing 10 maybe a tiny bit more yet “get lucky” when tournaments come around like Beach Brawl, Fight or Fright, Christmas Chaos? They have inflated numbers in tournaments yet when they come out of tournaments they’re weak and pathetic. Take the Beach Brawl for example, suddenly maxed approx 25 after maxing 5-12 consistently and what happened after the tournament??? They fell yet again but kept running their mouths off acting like big shots, getting into places they shouldn’t be getting into. We’ve seen your big act and we’re calling your bluff.

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Leader Interviews: Mare

Welcome to yet another interview here at SWAT. Our third interview will be with Mare, leader of SWAT. Mare joined the SWAT leadership group a few months ago but how much is she hiding? Is there anything we don’t know about Mare? Let’s find out!

Many know you as a SWAT leader but before this generation of SWAT, you’ve had your own share of experiences. What armies were you in before SWAT and why did you leave?

So, before I was in this current SWAT, I was part of Zuke’s SWAT in April as a staff member. However, I was not very active and ended up joining Golds for a few weeks. Then, I ended up leaving Golds to continue with SWAT because I ended up having more fun there. Later on, Aubz created the One Direction Army server and I was one of the founders that helped her build the army. While that was going on, I left SWAT then rejoined once again during Badboy’s SWAT as 3ic. However, I realized that it was hard balancing both the armies and left SWAT once again to lead One Direction Army. I then ended up rejoining SWAT in July and never left. I think that no matter what happened I always found my way back home to my first army, SWAT. #SWATFAMBESTFAM

You’ve been leading SWAT for a few months now. How has this experience been for you? Is there something you’ll take away from this experience?

It has been incredible journey leading SWAT, I’ve learned so many new things about major armies and the way they work. I’m still learning things everyday and I still am improving as a leader, but I think that’s the joy of being here. I always have something new to look up to! I have also met so many new incredible people who I’m glad are part of our SWAT team. Also, getting to lead with my great friends along my side has been such a wild/fun ride. The idea of me even leading SWAT, I never thought I would be able to because when I first joined in April, I didn’t even know what to do. So now seeing myself here and leading with the own SWAT creator himself, it’s just something I never expected. Oh and also I learned on folks nem grave!!!!!!!

Everyone knows that you were in ODA but what’s your obsession with One Direction?

When it was 2010, lets just say little mare had posters of their faces all around her room. Also, shirts and bracelets of them. One Direction has always been my favorite band and they definitely got me through my middle school-highschool years! I’m still hoping one of them marry me.

private session on spotify listens to one direction... - Socially Awkward Penguin - quickmeme

Mare in her natural habitat

Before joining SWAT for the first time did you know anything about CP Armies? What did you learn from the last-gen that you’ve put to use in this gen as a leader?

I remember on the OG Club Penguin I’d see people dressed in the same outfits chanting things, but I thought they were bots. Something I learned from last gen was to never let the haters bring you down!!!! As a leader, you’re going to get lots of people trying to hate on you, but you just gotta keep your head high and focus on positivity!

In the last interview, we did Blaze mentioned a special talent that he had. Do you have any special talents that we don’t know about?

Well, I can touch my nose with my tongue which is pretty cool LOL. But aside from that, I’m really into fashion and I use to lead a club. I loved sewing clothes and creating new designs. A couple things I’ve created were like pillow cases, wallets, shirts, skirts, purses, and more!

We’re heading into the end of 2020 now, coming out of a difficult year. What plans do you have for your future in SWAT?

I believe the transition out of 2020 will be smooth. I’m sure that when we are done with 2020 and on to 2021 we will gain lots of new members, continue being one of the greatest armies, and collect more land! I have high hopes and plans for the future of SWAT and I know it will continue being successful.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the troops reading this?

Thank you all for your hardwork, you all are the reason SWAT will remain successful! Also, shout out to all the SWAT Leaders, hcoms, and staff you guys are amazing and I’m glad to work with all of you. Also, thank you Coolguy for this COOL interview!
SIDENOTE: Regan & Orange are simps and if you ever see them in our server make sure you let them know that.

Well, that’s our third interview of the series! A lot of things to take in with some very detailed answers. Who knew Mare could create designs? Well, I hope you enjoyed this interview.

Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed the interview, also tell us who you want to be interviewed next and tell us any questions you want to ask Mare or any of the other leaders!


SWAT Leader

Starting Up

Hello Agents.

This week, a lot of people are studying and/or actually taking their midterms in school, and are spending more time focusing on that right now than CP armies. I am one of these people. Already, we’ve maxed 45, and new recruits are flowing in every day. Soon we will go on a run that will put us above all, and where we want to be. We will reclaim 1st, and we will defend it for months to come. For now, we won’t be having THAT MANY events, not until testing is over for everyone. When testing is over, we will go on our tear, and regain our former strength from about a month ago. Lets get it done, SWAT.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief


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