[US/UK] Practice Battle Vs WV

Yesterday, we logged onto ASCENT, Cprewritten, to face the Water Vikings in what was to be a fierce practice battle. We have a history with WV since we have recently been to war with then (last year), while both sides aimed for the win, there was no judges so we’ll let you be the judge of who won.

Max: 30+

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Wave Diminished [WV DEFEATED] – June 11th 2020


Well today’s event was an interesting experience! If you’d have told me an hour ago that we’d have a battle (and lets face it, win) against a major army I would have laughed. But that’s what happened, and with an 18 max I must say I’m really happy with how our event turned out!

I must give a little bit of context to this event so it’s clear there are no hard feelings against WV. A couple of days ago we were forced to demote a high command member from second in command to fourth in command after repeated requests for him to stop forming/declining allyships with other armies were declined. This resulted in him DMing me, resorting to name calling and claiming other (male) army leaders with the same experience as myself were better because they weren’t ‘bossy’ (code for ‘women with opinions’). This, amongst other things, resulted in a ban for the member.

This member decided to join WV today in their raid against SWAT. The event was fun, but some tactics had a harsh tinge to them, which even WV leaders said wasn’t the aim. Overall, however, the event made for an enjoyable practice battle and with Mythic being amazing and helping to lead tactics, I must say I was able to pause and appreciate what was going on. Maybe this will be something that we do in the very near future….

To conclude, tonight was wild but wonderful, and allowed for some tentative plans for an actual practice battle to be made for after legends cup. The SWAT family, as always, was amazing and the tactics were on point, and my VC superstars Sammi and Sophie never let me down.

Thank you WV for the laugh, and we can’t wait to beat see you again soon!

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