Practice Battle Vs. Royals – RESULTS

Hello SWAT!

Today we logged on to Mammoth to have a friendly practice battle with our close friends, the Royals of CP! It was an all-round fun battle, that I originally wasn’t supposed to lead but my return came early (thank goodness, as it was a lot of fun!)

We only maxed 17 for this event, but that’s okay! No allies, 100% grade-A SWAT so 17 isn’t so bad. I’m proud of us no matter what we get, and I’m thankful to the Royals for the fun battle!

As for the score, it was a really intense and close battle with a scoreline of 2-1-1. (2 room wins, a room loss and a room tie) – pretty accurate considering the 1 size difference in most rooms, with our faster tactics and variety. All in all, an amazing performance.

SWAT has so much potential, and with my return alongside Sophy and Fast I’m sure we’ll reach it in no time.

From the SWAT leaders!

Sweater, Sophy Bee, xfastx

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