Bop To The Top

Hello SWAT,

Today, our close allies & some of my personal best friends, the Royal Family who also recently re-branded to the Royals have decided to close down. I wanted to make more than a simple announcement on our server, and instead commemorate our fallen allies with this post. For those of you who do not know, our allyship with the Royals dates all the way back to when CPO SWAT first reopened its doors, April 4th. They played a key role in our war with the Ice Warriors, and played a part in many of our events; and as recent as two days ago we had a practice battle with them. They’re truly amazing people and I wish them in the best with whatever they decide to do now. Thank you for the laughs, the cries, and most importantly thank you for your friendship, Royals. We love you.

erika, brooke, marissa, lydia, mehakk, lucy, sammi, sophie, starrysophie, teaska, janana, marian, rae, haley, haley 2, lewis and many, many more. thank you for creating something great. ♥ and good luck wherever you decide to go. you have our full support always

Note: some of the messages and images below contain foul language. Do not view if you are offended by foul language.

Prince Tiska is the boy toy of Princess Lucy. You can often find him in town mingling with the rats subjects in town. He is actually having an affair with Princess Marissa (mariska) but don’t tell Lucy. He enjoys Phineas x Isabella smut fanfics and asking for threesomes.
– Erika
jaylen i’m sorry we are discussing trifecta matters we have no time for your horny ass
– Tiska

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