Staff/Hcom-Lead Event!!

On Friday we will be hosting another Staff/Hcom-lead event to let our staff and Hcom become LEADERS. This will mean that us leaders will step back to let the staff/Hcom lead the event to see how they do 🙂 However, they will need all of your support too! We need everyone to be there and we need everyone to be supportive and co-operative to help them perform to the best they can.

:welcomeswat::alert: ✪✪ STAFF/HCOM-LEAD EVENT ✪✪ :alert::welcomeswat:

Friday, December 4

Start Times:
:newcpuk: 10:00 PM UK/GMT :newcpuk:
:flag_us: 5:00 PM EST :flag_us:
:flag_us: 4:00 PM CST :flag_us:
:flag_us: 3:00 PM MST :flag_us:
:flag_us: 2:00 PM PST :flag_us:
:sgt: 6:00 AM SGT :sgt:
:flag_in: 7:30 PM IST :flag_in:

》Max Aim: 40

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