Memory Lane


This is a post just to show some of SWAT’s greatest battles, and some great memories from our time here in SWAT. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so how much are videos worth? This is a lot of captured footage that could be found from our history here in SWAT. I wanted to make this post to bring back the great memories we’ve had so this post will always be here in remembrance of our greatness.

Mammoth 2011

2010 – Early 2012 ACP Battles


2015 ACP War


Invasion of Mammoth 2014

2014 Chaos War [Quick Victory]

March 2013 Pre-Battle Footage | SWAT vs ACP |

SWAT Recruitment Video November 2012

May 2012 SWAT : How To Join Video

Funny ACP War Commentary May 2012

Novemenber 2012 SWAT Night Event Raw Footage

March 2012 SWAT

SWAT/DCP War June 2014

I will do my best to keep adding to this post in the future so we can look back at as many great memories as possible.

SWAT Forever



2 Responses

  1. Hmm, I wonder if Ganger remembers me.

    • Hey bro come on . I’m retired now, but this is an army I founded to help the new age of armies. Catch me on there at nights sometimes.

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