Farewell – The End Of My Journey

Even though I led IW for the last couple of weeks, I’m glad I finished my career as a SWAT leader, because SWAT is where I belong, it has and always will be my home. This is the end of my journey, and where better to end it where I basically started?

In 2012, I was recruited in to armies by a girl named Redrocks98, leader of the Miners Army. I quickly fell in love with the game, it was an out for me, a way to escape all the chaos going on in my life and just relax and do something I enjoyed. Growing up, my parents never got along, they still don’t, and I never made it easy for them with all the bad things I did in school. Life at times was very rough for me, and armies helped me deal with the stress. Although I joined CPA much later than most people I ended up becoming close with, it was still huge part of my childhood and without it I don’t know what I would have occupied myself with at many parts of my life.

My biggest highlight in CPA was probably being in SWAT. SWAT was one of the first armies I joined, and I immediately felt a connection with the people in this army and I always felt at home and welcome here, a feeling I didn’t really have in any other army I was in. I’ll be honest, when I first joined SWAT, I was a dickhead. I trolled, annoyed people, abused people, and plainly just acted unprofessional with anyone I spoke to. Ganger90 took a chance with me, taught me everything I know now about recruiting and how to be an effective leader. Without him, I would have never found any success in armies, and that’s not an exaggeration. Everything I accomplished in CPA I owe to him and a few other people. And I don’t care what CPAC and their “legends committee” say, Ganger is a CP army legend, and there’s no debate there.

I remember my first days in SWAT like it was yesterday. I started in this army as a 5ic, and worked my way up to becoming a leader & eventually a legend. Never in a million years would I have thought that was going to happen. I remember the first big war I was ever a part of in SWAT, and undoubtedly for me, the best war I ever participated in. It was the Nachos vs. SWAT war back in 2012, back when both armies were in their prime. Both armies were averaging well over 40 at events, and every battle was close & intense. Those were the types of battles I lived for and what made this game so fun. I will also never forget the first SWAT vs. ACP war. Ganger & Spi were leading SWAT at the time when I was just 2ic, and we completely destroyed them in every battle, and we would continue to destroy ACP for years to come.

Fast forward to July 2014 and I’m leading SWAT for the first time, in a war against the Water Vikings, where we battled for nearly two weeks and came out on top. I also remember leading SWAT against DW in a tournament battle where we maxed 55 and almost won. That was a huge moment for me because I hadn’t really experienced leading in a tournament like that before. SWAT also played a huge role in WW7, taking down armies of the Grand Alliance (DW, IW, WV, & ACP), causing them to disband by the end of the war. We also took all of ACP’s nation again in 2015, where ACP stopped attending battles half way through the war because we were beating them so badly. This was all really cool, but my favorite & most cherished memory was returning to SWAT in 2016 and leading them to 1st alongside Ganger & others. In this generation, we really set ourselves apart from everyone else. We grew bigger & stronger than armies like WV and LT who were dubbed the “top dogs” at the time. We became better than everyone, we even got so good that biased CPAC CEO, Zakster, had to keep coming up with shitty evidence to deduct us on top ten and disqualify us from the Christmas Chaos tournament because he knew we’d beat WV. This is how I know SWAT was a force to be reckoned with. Everyone always doubted us, everyone always made lies up about us, but when the time came to perform at our highest ability, we never disappointed. The only way people could beat us was by making up lies and using the media to throw shade at us; no one could 1v1 SWAT at their best and actually win. What SWAT turned into from just a couple of rouges on Mammoth and what we were able to accomplish over the past 8 years was truly unprecedented, and no one could have done it the way we did.

Another big chapter of my career was the Dark Warriors. After I had debated a number of times whether to stay in SWAT or not in 2014, I decided I needed a change. I needed to explore something new, something different. I decided I’d join the Dark Warriors, and I made the right decision in doing so. Drake hired me as a 2ic shortly after the end of the Agents Era, and I served as an owner in DW for nearly three months before being promoted to leader by Toy. I got the chance to lead with an amazing individual named Freezie66, who also taught me so many things about leading, things I would need to know to become one of the elite leaders in this community. I got the opportunity to lead in my first tournament final, the 2014 Champions Cup, where DW beat the Ice Warriors. Unfortunately, things fell out between me and the advisors of DW, but I would just like to thank Freezie for having my back during that situation and trying his best to keep me a part of the leadership. Although I ended up being forced out of the army, I was grateful for the opportunity and I eventually got the chance to lead DW again in 2015, where me Whats Up 11, Tiro, Haroon & others beat the Water Vikings alongside our allies and brought peace to the community in doing so. Special thanks to Toy, Drake, Spi, 11, Freezie, Tiro, Haroon & anyone else who made DW an enjoyable experience for me.

After my accomplishments with both SWAT & DW, I still searched for more. I needed to do something that would set me apart from other army leaders. This is when I looked towards DCP. Before I had realized most of DCP’s 2015 generation was fabricated, I thought they were the most talented army around with the most potential, so I joined them. And after a whole two terms of multilogging & nulling under the direction of Mustapha10, I decided I’d bring change to DCP. After I exposed Musta for being the fraud that he is, I teamed up with 13yearoldn00b and loyal DCP owners to overthrow the tyrant and start a new generation of the Doritos. And we did just that. Under the leadership of myself, 13, 32op, Mikester, & Tax, DCP thrived, winning their first tournament ever, beating the defending Christmas Chaos champions, reaching legitimate sizes of 50 which DCP hadn’t seen since 2014. However in the end, the power got the best of us, and the army eventually shifted back to the fabricated mess it was before we took over. But my work will not be forgotten. I would like to give a special thanks to both Wwe & 13 for hearing out my ideas and making that entire generation of DCP possible. What we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time was truly special and its something I’ll never forget.

And last but not least, let me take the time to talk about the army I spent most of the final month with, the Ice Warriors. In summer of 2016, I was given the chance to reopen IW alongside Trader, Bam, & DrMatt. I had promised I would not take part in multilogging or any other form of cheating, but I broke this promise & it resulted in me being removed from the army and banned from CPA following my bot raiding crusade against the Night Warriors which led to their death. (sorry Toy) But luckily for me there are people who are willing to give second changes, and Andrew24, Ghost, & Iceyfeet are among those people. After things fell out between me & DCP, I shifted to the Night Warriors for a couple weeks, before eventually stepping down and then rejoining the Ice Warriors. It is no doubt that IW performed better than anyone else in CPA’s final weeks. Reaching 1st on four of the last five top tens, including the last top ten ever, IW clearly dominated in the last month, and having the opportunity to lead one of the most legendary armies created in its final days was truly special and I am beyond grateful for that opportunity.

All in all, armies were fun for me. Were there times where I felt like quitting this game and moving on with my life? Sure, but I never stopped grinding. All of those who doubted what I’d be able to accomplish were just playing themselves, because against all odds I exceeded expectations and no matter what army I was leading, my influence helped keep each and every one of them on top. Stats don’t lie.

Before you get too bored, let me finish off this post thanking the people who deeply impacted my journey in CP armies, and who definitely made playing this game worth it.

Redrocks98 – I have no words to thank you for recruiting me into armies. Because of you, I got the chance to enjoy and make the most out of this experience. Without you, I would’ve never found this great community and had the chance to meet so many new friends & make so many lasting memories. Thank you so much Red, I will never forget what you have done for me.

Ganger90 – Where do I start? You’re my day one nigga. Everything I know about recruiting, how to build up an army from the ground up, lead battles, and so on I learned from you. Everything you taught me over these last couple of years helped me become the best leader I can be and without your influence I would have never found anywhere near the amount of success I did in CPA. You’re my brother and like I said above I don’t really give a shit what anyone says, you’re a CP army legend and anyone who argues that fact is simply in denial. Everything I accomplished, I owe to you.

Freezie66 – The man with the plan, where do I start? When I joined DW and almost every advisor (and I mean every advisor) disliked me, you always had my back. You also taught me so many things about leading that would help me be successful later in my career. You went against people you knew years before me to ensure I could stay in the army and lead alongside you and help DW thrive, and we did just that. DW reached great heights under us, and together we brought home a tournament win that was well deserved and well worked for. Breezieboy forever nigga

13yearoldn00b – Well first off, you’re trash at card jitsu, just want to point that out for anyone reading. But forreal tho you’re one of the coolest guys I met in CPA. No one else would have gone against the establishment the way you did to bring legitimacy & fairness to our community. Without your influence and without you standing up for whats right, that entire generation of DCP wouldn’t have been possible, but I’m glad it was. Me & you alone accomplished more in one month than any other DCP leader did years prior, and I’m glad to have been apart of it.

Trader – And last but not least let me give a shout out to this faggot, who climbs polls & gets arrested every other day. Although we’ve fought over some dumb shit in the past, the last year and a half was the most fun for me and you were a huge part why. You have absolutely no chill, and that’s what I like so much about your personality. Together you and I led armies to the top while at the same time pissing almost every single person off who wasn’t in the army we were leading. You defaced DCP site a couple weeks ago which made me lol irl (sorry Moe) and you simply just always cheered me up no matter what mood I was in. Stay in touch and if you don’t pipe Tara by summer I’m coming to wherever you live and doing it myself, don’t think I’m kidding.

Say what you want about me; call me a side leader, a multilogger, a troll, an armyhopper, a somalian (I’m actually white) or whatever, but in the end I finished on top and all that doubted me finished last. The things I did, the milestones I reached, it was all part of the plan, and I did it my way.

For the final time,

Hell Will Be Unleashed.


[SWAT Legend, 2012-2017]

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