Global Warming Takes Over: Ice Melts Quite Fast!

This is directed towards Verum so if you’d like to read then enjoy a spectacular story.

So… here we go again. We have another crazed kid who thinks that they know everything. Even so, enough to become IW leader (which takes no skill at all I mean, y’all saw how fast Tax got leader. Right?). Anyhow, this kid is named Verum, a former SWAT leader who manipulated this browser called Opera in SWAT when he joined early this generation. If you don’t know what Opera does, according to Verum, it lets your super duper fast computer open multiple tabs of Club Penguin! If anything, this is cheating so we gave him a little warning but he said he will use it for recruiting purposes only. If you don’t recall, Verum accused SWAT of multilogging after he compiled a large list of our recruiting penguins and attended them at events. What a silly sausage!

He thought SWAT would go down and yes, we did for about a day. However, we came back stronger than ever. We rose from 4th to 2nd to 1st. We got sizes of over 45+ consistently and were 100% legit this time, unlike Verum, still roaming around telling people fairy tails.

Now, we’d like to apologize to the poor victim of Verum’s acts, Superflight6. If you guys don’t know Super, he’s a pretty shy troop and he doesn’t talk much as he enjoys watching youtube videos of people like Pewdiepie and such. Super was apparently “confirmed” to be Ganger’s multilog in a post stating that since Ganger went offline after he banned Super. And this is proof how? Oh wow, Ganger going offline after you ban an innocent troop. If you want to know how he received a chat rank above member, he faked being Badboy. Of course Verum thinks that if he fakes his way around to try and sabotage armies, people we gain respect for him. Guess that’s how he got IW leader, unfortunately.

Anyways, some of you don’t know this but Ganger works his ass off to support this army. In fact, Bad and I have happened to help him during this. It’s called recruiting, Verum. And when people recruit they go AFK. When you go AFK on XAT for too long you get disconnected. For all we know you could have banned Super right after Ganger got disconnected. Two people on a chat CAN go off at the same time, it isn’t impossible. It’s quite common actually.

So before I continue, I’d like to show the pity of Verum. He challenges an army that gets over 45+ and claims we multilog as an excuse for his jealousy and incompetence. (yet we have 50+ on chat all the time, or should I say on chat an HOUR BEFORE an event, without calling. But those are all multilogs too, right?). If you feel the need to call out SWAT, lets compare your army to mine, shall we?

SWAT with 50+ and IW getting like 12.

So please Verum, is there anything else you’d like to be said. If you want to, just declare war. It wouldn’t be a problem if SWAT takes all of IW’s servers like we did with ACP. Oh yeah, and tell me how IW magically maxed 30+ the day you and Cargo rejoined after being dead for about two weeks. Then when Tax leaves IW gets 12. Kek.

Don’t kill IW now, Verum! Wait a minute, IW is already dead so… 😦

Apollo // SWAT Leader // Legend

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