Ending The Drought [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Agents!

Its been quite the ride. We’ve fallen short of 1st twice, got robbed another time on heavy deductions, but this week, we broke through like nothing before. This has been our best week so far, and man, it was one to remember.

Invasion Of Shiver

Max 42+

Invasion Of Snowbound

Max 40+

Invasion Of Sabertooth

Max 35+

Invasion Of Christmas

Max 40+

Invasion Of Aurora

Max 37+

Invasion Of Boots

Max 37+

Invasion Of Flurry

Max 35+

Invasion Of Cabin

Max 34+

Invasion Of Snow Fort

Max 38+

Invasion Of Ice Shelf

Max 30+

[UK] Invasion Of Cream Soda

Max 41+

March On Mammoth

Max 40+

Requested Top Ten Picture:

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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