Trader The Arrogant Follower

Just for you, baby.

Trader tries to think that SWAT is full of multilogs. Without any proof than a fired crazed owner, he fails to gain any. He acts as if ACP is entirely innocent! How sweet. Shall I bring up Funks and his famous multilogs? How about Sercan tweaking those event photos. Truth be told, (something you can’t bear) you’re being carried! To be fair, ACP still hasn’t managed to break into the top 5. Infact, SWAT did pretty bad last week and happened to still beat you in the top ten. It’s like you don’t even try! So please, keep claiming Fort59 is a multilog without evidence. (CPAC posts from over a year ago don’t count!)

Here’s the other deal Trader. I don’t know if you’re delusional, have been dropped on the head as a baby, or are just a full on autistic tween, but I’ve never spoken to you, at all. You must be really messed up to think that I would talk to you out of all people. You’re just a cocky SM follower that is so full of arrogance it gives me a migraine. Oh yeah, not even leader, it’s more like someone who keeps getting carried away into sizes of 12+.

Further and foremost, I’m keeping this quote.

When Apollo got Ice Warriors leader he fed off what was already going on. IW maxed 45-50 before Apollo and 30 after. What a good leader. Apollo cries in my PC everyday asking me why we aren’t friends and that he likes me.

The fact you struggle to have correct adjectives that make a sentence sound more like a real one, not a jumbled mess, makes me cringe. If I don’t recall, IW were getting sizes around 35 and 30. Regardless, I still made the helm quicker than you even got owner in ACP! The answer is actually working hard, something you take for granted and have your little minions do for you. But, at least I can say for the most part, I maintained my army’s sizes. Short or long they didn’t drop 10 like ACP’s when you became leader.

Also, may I add that nulls don’t prove anything. If I understand correctly, (not being the autist you are.) nulls help keep the chat alive. They make the size look bigger to appeal to new recruits to be active and fun, seeing new people join every day. But, I’m sure you’re just rambling because you wish you could get nulls onto your chat, but you’re too small to even have a chat size of 10. The best part is when you have an event, then you drop chat size by 10 and then rage at your owners for not doing well.

And for the love of god, please fix your grammar before I get another migraine from your incompetence to structure a simple sentence or spell a word.

SWAT maxes 35-40.

ACP gets like 10.

I reckon you don’t try to act all big when you’re barely even an army anymore.

As they say..

Karma always comes back to bite you in the ass when you think you have it good.

Adios Squeaker.

Apollo – SWAT Leader

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