New Leader – Old Face

Hello SWAT

Some of you may know me, some (most likely newer members) may not. Well my name is Spikey and I am the army’s new UK Leader. I have a lot of history with SWAT, you can see my name of the Legends page. I spent majority of my club penguin army career in this army and I call this my home. For a few years now I had a dream of being back in SWAT to achieve 1st in CPAC like back in the golden ages. However the old generations never worked out during the 2013-2014 period and have not regained that status again. But this generation it’s different, we have amazing leaders that will work very hard for this army and I intend to do the same. I will give my all to make sure this army succeeds and becomes a super power in the army community.


However we need you’re help also. If everyone works together and works hard we can bring SWAT back to it’s former glory. How we should be, one of the biggest armies in Club Penguin.




You’re mission starts now special agents, don’t let us down!


~ Spikey [SWAT UK Leader]

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  1. Welcome back Spikey.

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