Tactics Session Results 1-2-15

LOADING RESULTS……….Mission Success!

Greetings, SWAT Special Agents!

We held a successful mission on our capital, Mammoth, today. It went pretty well, considering those who attended were new agents! We maxed 20. We even managed to defeat some evil Anti-CP(ACP) penguins. Even Tactical Missions can be fun, agents! Thank you to all of the agents that attended the event, and helped defend Mammoth. Continue reading for pictures.

Training 1-2-15

Training2 1-2-15

Training3 1-2-15

Training4 1-2-15

Comment if you came!

Nice job out there, agents!

»Pяєѕι∂єηт Nιтяσнaммєя«

||Ƒєaя Ƭнє Rєѕιѕтaηcє||

11 Responses

  1. Was at the mission. Glad to rejoin this great army.

  2. awesome!

  3. Great job agents! Don’t forget about Saturday!!

  4. it was awesome

  5. I came to the battle! It was a great turnout

  6. we did it!
    but as antman said tomorrow hell will be unleashed!!

  7. First to comment

  8. The battle was a HUGE success! :DDD

  9. Guys, that was CPA territory. I’m Lcurley0719. We had just won it from the Nacho army. We’re good, by the way. You guys are great big noobs and we WILL claim it back, if nessacary we WILL get our whole army out there and beat you DOOWWWN.
    *Our whole army at MAX is about 35 people. If everyone attends its about 80. Lots of people have gone inactive.
    *If you care to even keep reading you CAN allie with us.
    P.S. We only have 80 people because we have UK, US, and AUS forces. For you we would probably bring out UK and US or just UK or just US. If you keep claiming our territory we will bring out all of our troops. I mean all of them. UK, US, and AUS together. Thats basically hell.

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