Invasion of Mammoth [RESULTS]

Hello SWAT,

Today was the greatest event of all from this week. I can’t believe we actually managed to do this. The point is, I’m very proud of you guys. We got payback from what happened 2 years ago, where they ruined the Mammoth Rogue Wars. They cleansed Mammoth, but we took it back for Revenge. ACP, don’t be cring, at least you have other servers, amirite?

The whole ACP ^^


ACP Defeated… — Wait… too scared to show up? Max: 40 Average: 35.


So then we decided to log off, right? And so ACP finally logged on at 4:20 PM, so we came back on, cleared the server, ACP maxed about 9 and then they logged off in about 7 minutes. Here’s a pic of when we LOGGED BACK ON.

We win, ACP doesn’t show. We had more than 2 servers, those who disagree are just blind and confused.

Spi: I added in some more pics, and anyways overall, Good job. We destroyed the Anti CP, balance has been restored :O

Ganger90, SWAT President and Leader

Crazy, SWAT Leader

Reece, SWAT Leader/Godfather

Spi, SWAT Leader/Godfather

3 Responses

  1. neat!

    …wait is this from the past?

  2. neat!

    …wait is this from the past?


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