Update: New & accurate Allies/Enemies + battle schedule updated. Freezie has also asked me personally to delete the screenshot of him begging to spare Andrew’s soft IW. Because Freezie is a close friend of mine, I respect his decision to keep this conversation we had confidential. But we all saw & know who’s really afraid. Isn’t really a question. Anyways I shaved down all the cancelled invasions, shaved down the useless capping allies and now since Drew has childishly taken shots at me for trying to improve my life by removing myself from high school at 18 to go get help so I can stay alive, IW will get an extra hard beating on Saturday. Unfortunately for drew and a lot of his squad, sitting in the basement on the computer is the only real quality of life they have. I pity them, but at the same time when I work 40 hours a week & count my bread and do this literally whenever I have free time I’m willing to spare and still can get this army to 50+ in my sleep, it really just makes me laugh. Andrew & those kids at IW won’t ever know what real life is until they leave their stinky rooms and breathe in some fresh air. Better hurry up guys, Ubering the rest of your life ain’t fun, just ask Elm. Anyways, I was able to find some common ground with Freezie, and a new rule has been implemented way further ahead of schedule thanks to me, preventing armies from transferring servers and running away like women when I invade their servers. In a matter of minutes, I helped get a rule change done you were waiting on for weeks in literally two minutes. Just goes to show how much of a joke this has been lol, hopefully we’re on the way to change. That is the goal. The details are below. Death to IW, NDA stronk

I gave you a chance, you’ve chosen death instead. This will be quick. You should have just given me Mammoth, your funeral. 🙂

SWAT & The New Dawn Alliance officially declare war on the Ice Warriors.

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Swat Army of CP

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