✪】Event of Truth

Special Weapons and Tactics held the Event of Truth on Tuesday, June 29th. The team practiced perfecting fast formation changes, quick tactic and emote switches, and more! This event was definitely marked as successful. Keep reading to see a recap of what happened!

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Weekly CPA Power Ranking

  • Top Ten Power Rankings (Club Penguin Armies)
    1. RPF (99.9)
    2. IW (99.1)
    3. HF/ACP (tie) (88.8)
    5. SWAT (80.00)
    6. WV/DCP (Tie – 78.9)
    7. WN (70.00)
    8. SE (63.00)
    9. RR (55.00)
    10. GT(53.00)
    —– Close to Top Ten —–
    FP, PZF

(opinion based on overall size, activity and strength. numbers are random to determine disparity between armies)