Staff Lead Practice Event

Hello all SWAT Troops,

This is my first post here so go easy on me 🙂

Today we logged on to CPA and we did a STAFF-LEAD Event! We had a massive 36 reacts! However, we maxed 17… and even though this was not what we expected size-wise, we will continue to grow and we will strive! We will be expecting a max of 30 TROOPS at our next event!!

Before the event started, we logged on and started to gather in the Forts. We were able to gather most of our troops before the event started. We started out in a horizontal line, then we made our way into a clean plus formation.

Inside The Mine

We started by J bombing the mine and then making our way into an ‘L’. From here, we did many word and emote tactics such as “WE MISS YOU MOANI” and “SWATTING ALL WHO GET IN OUR WAY” . We then did a 3 emote tactic waterfall bomb, doing 1 emote then the next. Next, we were able to maxe an X, before moviing to the next room.


We entered the Iceberg with an E+K Bomb. For the first formation we circled the berg and then quickly did some word tactics before swiftly getting into a V formation, which was most notably, one of the best formations of the whole event. We did many tactics including both the left and right side of the formation saying different phrases. We were in this formation until the end of the event in where we then did a ‘B’ rake bomb/ E+A rake bomb before we headed over to the stadium.


In the stadium, we entered with a E+U bomb. We then got into a triangle formation. This wasn’t the best room, however, everyone that was there tried their best to make it a success! From there we stayed in that formation for half if not most of our time in this room, doing many tactics, such as; “DWAIN, LISTEN OR NO GANGER”. We then were able to get into an Upside Down T formation for the last few minutes of the event and we ended with and E+1 tactic before logging off.

Thanks to all that came to the event. We appreciate each and every one of you trying to make SWAT the best army in CPA.