Chaos At The Christmas Chaos + A SWAT Talk

Today, on the 2nd of December, SWAT was matched against Red Ravagers and while many could say that SWAT was bound to be victorious (no disrespect ravvy’s but the judgement is made from SWAT’s status and history, nothing against anyone), some people who “predicted” the Christmas Chaos results put SWAT as the underdogs, thinking that SWAT is weak and will lie down during the tournament and die.

Awwww Cuteeee

Well, guess who proved the doubters wrong? SWAT did! Never underestimate SWAT! If we are down, if we are dying, even if we are dead we will rise from the ashes and through all of the wars that we’ve been through and that all of the people above have witnessed, you’d expect them to have some faith in us at least, ah well, their loss. This isn’t a hate post btw, just a show of how comical all this is, the tournament, the predictions and everything else

Some of you may wonder why we would choose to write a post about the Christmas Chaos instead of just laughing in private, well for one, I love to laugh about this and for two there is more than just 1 meaning to this post. We as SWAT are changing, we are going to experience a new era. Yes, SWAT has been experiencing some bad times, however, that doesn’t mean everything is bad. Actually, there have been things that people don’t see and a lot of good has come from it. I want to talk about 1 thing before I get on to some news.

SWAT is an army and honestly some people, troops even may just see SWAT as that but an interesting conversation occurred last night which made me want to write this. We are leading swat through good and bad times, we do not just tremble when bad times come and we do not go too far in the good times that we are blind as to what is in front of us. However, we try to enjoy the moment and make it enjoyable for every single one of you because I can’t speak for everyone but I know that my experiences of armies have varied and while a lot of bad things may occur during the time in them, a lot of good things come too and maybe these good things won’t last forever and some no, in fact, a lot of them haven’t lasted at all. However, I still reflect on them good moments in armies and consider them as good times. We enjoyed the time we had in armies because of the moments we created with the people around us, friends….family. I could talk all day about my experiences and the ones I remember the most because let’s face it, I certainly don’t remember everything but the point I’m trying to make is that we are trying to make this experience the best for you…all of you. Whether you are a troop, staff, hcom or hell even a leader, we want this experience to be memorable, we want you to think back in a couple of years time if you’re not here and think damn I really miss them days or I had fun back then; even remembering them alone is enough to make the experience worthwhile. We are a family and we do care for every single one of you, we want you to have great times in SWAT and even if you’re having troubles in real life or on here, we’re always here because that’s what family is for. We are here for everyone, to help everyone, to befriend everyone, to make this family whole. Always remember that we are family and nothing can change that. Old or new doesn’t matter, what matters is that you were or are a part of this swat team…this swat family.

Now, as I was saying, SWAT is making some changes and we recently saw the induction of Camotes as a SWAT leader. Now, I’m happy to inform you that we have a new face to induct! ASTRO has also stepped up and has been made leader. All of us leaders really appreciate his willingness, motivation and drive. We know that as a new addition to the leadership, he will be able to provide many great qualities and together, we shall build an army no one wants to face. We will come together as a family and fight for what is right. We will face all haters head-on and we will keep rising as we did today, as we do in every single war we participate in. We are SWAT, we do not back down! We do not die! We do not tremble! We are SWAT and SWAT is ohana. Ohana means Family, family means NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND OR FORGOTTEN. Past, present or future you are family and we will all stand together to fight for SWAT and ex-troops or vets who turn their back on SWAT shall realise that they made a huge mistake. As for other surprises, I guess you’ll have to wait and see what happens 😉