✪】[UK] Operation: Fill the Room

✪】 Attention agents:

Today was an absolutely stellar day for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin. Today, May 28, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST we logged in to further continue our vivacious expeditions on the new frontier of the Club Penguin Forever CPPS. This was our second event to take place on Club Penguin Forever, and we are very proud of this performance. We grew in size by twenty-two. Most of all we were able to accomplish our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the loyal SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Reopening of our AUSIA division on Monday, 3AM EST. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 67

Room 1: Town

Room 2: Iceberg

Room 3: Cove

Event Video

Amazing event SWAT. Made me extremely proud. Let’s continue this upward trend and secure a new Golden Age.

✪】 End Transmission.

SWAT Commander-in-Chief

✪】Event Week Recap [12/16-1/01]

Hello, Agents! This week was an eventful exciting week for everyone in the army. We held a total of three successful events. The first one was called Tournament30000 where everyone practiced formations and tactics. Then, went against each other on Pizzatron3000! Our next event was our Bloc Party event where we practice battled our allies, Water Vikings and Silver Empire! Lastly, to start the beginning of the year we had a Tree Takeover U-lead event which was a successful training and showed off everyone’s leadership skills! Read more to see a recap of the events.

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✪】U-Lead Event 9/18

Today, we had a U-Lead event for all the troops! Everyone had gotten a chance to do a tactic and formation. The troops showed off their leading skills during this event and did a great job! Read more to see a recap.

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✪】AUSIA Invasion of Misty 9/17

On September 17th, we had an invasion of Misty which was marked successful! During this event, while we were invading the land, we also worked on practiced on making clean formations and quick tactic changes! Read more to see what occured.

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✪】Mare’s Retirement 8/12

Hello, Special Weapons and Tactics! On Thursday, August 12th the army had held a retirement event for Mare. The event included a lot of fun things that consisted of the leaders getting to lead the first room, then for the second room it was entire U-Lead, lastly for the third part of the event was the “Mare Awards” that were created for everyone in SWAT made by her. Read more to see a recap!

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