We’re holding a MASSIVE training event on WEDNESDAY and we need ALL of you to be there. This is a training for future battles (AUSIA BATTLE VS SE SOON!), we will be trying out new things as well as going through what we normally do. We are aiming to max 45+!!! If all of you are there then we can achieve this!

:welcomeswat::alert: ✪✪✪MASSIVE TRAINING EVENT✪✪✪ :alert::welcomeswat:

Date- 》WEDNESDAY, December 2nd《


:newcpuk:12:00 AM GMT :newcpuk:
:flag_us:7:00 PM EST:flag_us:
 :flag_us:6:00 PM CST:flag_us:
 :flag_us: 5:00 PM MST:flag_us:
:flag_us: 4:00 PM PST :flag_us:
:sgt: 8:00 AM SGT :sgt:
:flag_in:5:30 AM IST :flag_in:
》Goal- Max 45+ online

Make sure you’re all there! SWAT FOREVER