Krill’s SWAT Exhibition

As the only person who sent in art, Krill’s work is the only person’s work being displayed here so I thought I’d mix it up, showing his old submissions from his previous years in swat, making it an exhibition of Krill’s artwork! Truly appreciating the work of our members! Be sure to tell him how good these look!!

Newly created by Krill
Created by Krill for our last Art Gallary
A SWAT logo made by Krill just last year, this is the first time I’ve seen it too!!
Also created by Krill last year
A logo made for our HOH Clant

Thanks for your pieces of work Krill, they look great!!! It’s clear that you have a drive and talent and I can’t wait to see you keep improving both as an artist and as a leader!

Want your art on the SWAT site? Be sure to dm me with your art submissions!

~ Signing off

Unfinished Business

One Response

  1. I’ve been in SWAT for about a year now… Yet, this is the only army I am in. I didn’t expect this to ever happen. I’m very proud of this community. When I feel sad, I come to SWAT. Sadness makes me feel like I am not ‘me’ anymore. Next morning: I am ‘me’ back again and I realize, “It was me, all along.”

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