Agent/Staff of The Week

Another week has passed and we’ve held quite a few events this week and it has definitely been mixed however, new #OfTheWeek have been crowned.

This has been something I haven’t had to think about because there are 2 people I want to award these titles to this week as I believe they have stepped up and have been improving every day. These two people come to events regularly, these 2 work hard. I want to show them we appreciate the work they’re putting in.

The Agent of The Week this week goes to a returnee to SWAT. A person who was in SWAT years ago and came back recently to help. With their work on recording our events and attending, being active and more. This person is….

Damian aka FeskFox!

Congrats!! and as for our staff of the week, this person has stepped up a lot recently and has been improving consistently and I am proud of the leader they are becoming.

This person is….



Thanks for all the hard work you 2 have put in, we appreciate it! For those of you who didn’t get it, keep trying and working hard and anything can happen!


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