Staff Of The Week Interview

With the lack of events recently, there has been little Agents of the Week, however, this hasn’t stopped agents or staff from working hard to achieve it. Not only to achieve it but to make a real impact on the community within SWAT. Our last Staff Of The Week was Jakob and he has been working hard within SWAT as well as many other staff members have been, going out of their way to help, be creative and to take responsibility and of course much more. We decided to interview Jakob to find out more about his thoughts on getting SOTW and more!

You were recently Staff Of The Week, what did getting this mean to you?

This meant a lot, achieving this role was one of my dreams since I joined SWAT back in March. Hard work pays off.

So you’ve been in SWAT for a while now, how has the journey been so far and where do you see yourself and SWAT in 6 months time?

This journey has most certainly been fun, long, and wild. I see myself as leader in 6 months.

What has your best moment in SWAT been so far and why?

The best moment in swat so far that I’ve been in has to be SWAT winning the war against templars. It was my favorite moment because it gave me, and the entirety of swat a moment of glory.

Now for a more personal question, what would you normally do with your spare time if you didn’t have SWAT? Any hobbies?

I’d say first priorities homework, and then I’d either play video games for an hour or so and talk to friends. If I don’t want to do that I’ll just simply take a nap. shh, if I’m really tired I take naps in school which I’m not allowed to do

What’s your favourite game to play at the moment?

At this moment, I’d say this battle royale game called Apex Legends (Club Penguin is my second favorite game)

I’m going to ask you a slightly tricky question now. If you had to nominate someone to be Staff Of The Week for the week that has just passed (18-24 October) who would you pick and why?

Very tough question, I would probably pick Candy Fox because she is very hardworking and is active for her timezone

Do you have anything to say to those reading this interview?

Keep working hard, hard work pays off and you’ll achieve your goals! (This applies to real life and swat!)

That’s the end of the interview! Thanks toJakob for letting us take up some of his time for this interview. It’s surprising what you learn about people and I’m sure there’s a lot more to learn both about Jakob and about the whole SWAT team! We can’t wait till the next interview, can you? See you next time!

~SWAT Forever

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