Agent of the Week 9-15th/08/21 – Interview

A new Agent of the Week was crowned earlier this week – I interviewed her to get to know a little more about Candy Fox and how she’s doing! Read on to see how the interview went!

In a week that saw Mare retire, SWAT dress in Hawaiian clothes and take on the Water Vikings, one troop stood out in Special Weapons And Tactics. The new Agent Of the Week is Candy Fox, who I couldn’t be more happy for!  In this interview we cover everything from phobias to magical powers, keep reading to find out more!

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Let’s begin!

How are you today? 

Candy Fox: I’m great and I am so happy to have AOTW. 

Elijahs: Aw I’m glad and I’m so happy you got AOTW this week too, 100% deserved for sure!

When did you join SWAT & what’s one of your favourite memories of SWAT so far? 

Candy Fox: It has not even been 1 month. You could say I joined SWAT a year ago on my laptop but I didn’t know about CPA at the time. Now I opened another account with my phone a month ago and joined SWAT again on the 27th of July. My favourite memory in SWAT has been Firestar’s retirement and Mare’s retirement. 

Elijahs: Wow it feels like you’ve been in SWAT for much longer than a month already, I guess that’s really a testament to just how much you’ve done! I really enjoyed both the recent retirement events too, although definitely sad to see the leaders go it was a really nice celebration of everything they’d done for SWAT as a whole. 

Do you have any unusual fears? 

Candy Fox: Yeah. I am scared of silly cockroaches and snakes lol. 

Elijahs: I’ve got to agree I hate cockroaches too! That and spiders for sure, the only other major phobia I have is heights so I tend to stay away from rollercoasters and anything too high up aha.

How did you come up with your name? 

Candy Fox: OK my name in Discord is CANDY FOX. I came up with this name because my dream is to be a YouTuber. And I feel like I could use this name as my YouTube channel name, so that’s the reason I keep this name to my Discord. 

Elijahs: That’s so cool! I also wanted to be a YouTuber for a while, but quickly realised I didn’t have any idea how to edit or have anything to make videos on aha. My name isn’t even my real name like most people think, and I only use Elijahs because the name Elijah on CPO, back in the day, was taken.

What’s something that doesn’t exist, but you really wish did?

Candy Fox: I really wish I had flying powers because I really love to explore the world and I’d be able to easily with this. Another reason is because then I’d be able to come to visit all my friends from SWAT!

Elijahs: Flying would be a really great power to have, I think I’d have to say a teleportation device – which I guess just shows I’m even too lazy to fly everywhere which must say a lot about me as a person aha. I also wish Unicorns existed, but maybe just 1 so no one would ever believe it!

Any advice you’d give to others wanting to get AOTW? 

Candy Fox: Don’t give up. Keep on going and then one day you will achieve it for sure. Join every event that you get, and then you will get AOTW as soon as possible.

Elijahs: That’s definitely great advice to go by! As long as you’re active and involved it’ll come to you sooner rather than later!


Thank you so much Candy Fox for this interview, and thank you for being both so involved with SWAT recently and for being so lovely! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Candy Fox a little more, I know that I did! Keep your eyes out for the next AOTW post coming next week & make sure to attend the events this coming week too!

Love as always,


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