Agent Of The Week 9-15th/08/21

Another week has past and another Agent Of The Week has been crowned, dethroning last weeks AOTW. Who has come out on top of the rankings this week? Keep reading to find out!

A week has passed and we have a new Agent Of The Week. This week saw yet another leader retire, with many troops fighting for their chance to show us what they’ve got. Agent Of The Week is a status that shows how hard troops have worked during the week and who has been actively supporting SWAT throughout, of course, this changes weekly but every troop has different weeks, some will have busy weeks and some will be dedicated to SWAT no matter what.

This week, as always, people were fighting for the crown but only 1 person could prevail. Well, this week wasn’t the best week, however, there was one person who has been constantly working hard and improving weekly and this week was a tie between some agents but this troop stood out to us leaders and we have decided to award them with AOTW.

This person is…..


Congratulations to Fox Candy and thank you for your work within SWAT so far, keep up the good work. Also thanks to all the other agents in SWAT working hard in SWAT. Keep working hard and you all will earn AOTW too! Thank you all!


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  1. Congrats!!

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