Jasmine Says Goodbye to the Streets

To start off this post, please do not expect too much because I was a reporter in trainee 3-4 times.

Back in 2010 when I would log on to Clubpenguin, I’d always see armies thinking they were bots and I would report them. I never thought armies were even a thing going on in Clubpenguin. When I would play, my main goal would be to go to the puffle shop, adopt a pookie, and make fun of them until they leave because I was that beach. When Clubpenguin shut down, I was actually pretty sad since I lost all my items I had on there. I couldn’t believe that such a nostalgic game would get shut down. Flashforward to 2020, my college mates and I see on Twitter about this “Clubpenguin Online” existing and how David Dobrik, a famous YouTube Vlogger, would play it. So of course we were all wanting to play it just to see if we can meet him on there. So after our college classes ended, we created Clubpenguin Online accounts where I first created my username known as, MagicalMary. We would play all day long on CPO and had so much fun. When COVID-19 started we immediately went lockdown mode in March 2020. We had to leave our campus and that was the last time my college friends and I saw eachother.So to make up the time, would instead play CPO and troll around on there.


Later on, in April 2020, I saw there was a CPO Discord and joined it. I then recieved a message about becoming a staff member for this server called, Special Weapons and Tactics, it was not released yet to the public and I was told if I joined I would get free coins. I of coursed joined the server and I did not know what was going on, but everytime I attended events I’d end up getting coins. I then got recruited into Golds Army and I was a starting rank on there. I’d attend both armies at a time because I wanted to get all the free coins I could get. I didn’t know that you can’t be a part of two armies at once. However, I was extremely rich and no one ever found out that I was in both armies so I never got yelled at, or understood armies fully. When I joined armies, I created another penguin named Belts, this was my original Clubpenguin name as well and I felt it was way cooler than MagicalMary. However, I ended up leaving Golds because I was having way more fun in SWAT, as well as met my amazing best friend, Aubz, and my friend Smoke.

Aubz ended up creating One Direction Army and I was a co-creator alongside 3 other girls. During our time leading ODA we led it to be high scores on the Top Ten numerous times and it is still a well known army to the community. I ended up stepping down from SWAT to help Aubz with this army, but later on rejoined SWAT once again for the second generation after it shut down. In this SWAT, I was in the position of Third in Command. However, this generation didn’t last long either so I was still leading ODA.When the month of July/August started, I decided to leave ODA to help SWAT with the Water Viking War known as the, Eagre Foray. When I was there helping SWAT we were a Small/Medium army and finally made our way to Major on the Top Ten. I also got promoted to leader in August 2020 and this war ended in a SWAT Success with us winning it. After the war we created the Purple Division which I led it alongside Coolguy and Kaliee. We led Purple Division and won many battles successfully. During my time leading we also went to war with Pizza Federation and named it, Serving Weapons and Toppings. Due to flash dying within the war we had to end it earlier than it should of. The war ended in a tie, however, SWAT was definitely performing outstandly during this war. During my time in SWAT, we have won many battles, finished in the top 10 armies of 2020, and maxed 40+. The journey I have had in SWAT will forever be unforgettable and something I will always cherish. I have created so much amazing friendships here and met so many people. Thank you SWAT.


Lastly, I would like to thank a few people for making this journey a fun successful one!

Aubz– Thank you so much for being such a great supportive best friend of mine. I wouldn’t be here without you and you’ve helped me so much along the way. You are the reason I basically am who I am today and I will always cherish our friendship. You are the reason I even stayed in SWAT during April, you always were so kind and had such a lovable character. You are my WAP MAMI for life love you bbgirl kithkith don’t forget you’re the baddest.

Grace– Queen Hoodrat, I am so happy you decided to join ODA and learn how to use Discord. I am so proud of you and you are going to accomplish so much in SWAT. You have become such a great leader, I’ll never forget when you had a Strawberry Cartoon PFP and I thought you were like 11 LOL. I am so happy we experienced not just ODA together, but SWAT as well. I’m so glad we could create all these memories and fun times together from last year to this year and more along the way. Love you Graceee! Also, just so everyone knows, Grace’s fingers turn into Taki’s when she tries climbing up the monkey bars!!!! The picture below also shows when Grace was a huge noob. LOL

Ganger– Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead SWAT, I’ve had such an amazing experience leading with you. I will always be grateful for all of the memories we have created together. Even though you’re obsessed with Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black, I still support you. I will never forget when I first joined SWAT and we did the FreeGanger tactic I thought you were some random dude locked up LOL. Love you G! Mob Ties forever, thank you for always being there helping me through SWAT, always listening to me vent, and being so patient with everyone else here.

Kaliee– We have been through so much in this generation together and I don’t think I could of done it without you. We have had so many fun times with eachother and we were such a great team. You care so much about SWAT and are such a great leader. I’m so happy to have led along your side through this journey together and can’t wait to see what else you accomplish. I will also never forget those fun times we had during Roblox we would play all night and it was so funny LOL. Thank you for this awesome experience here Kaliee, you are amazing.

Firestar– Fire, you are literally one of the funniest people I have ever met. Whenever a situation would become too serious, you’d always make a funny remark and know how to brighten up people’s mood. You underestimate yourself a lot and you should know how amazing of a leader you were. You taught me how to lead when I was basically a noob and you showed me so many tips and tricks when it comes to leading. Thank you for everything Fire, I hope you have a great time away at school. FIYAHSTAH MONKEY SOCKLOVA SMALLPACKAGE #FOREVER.

Coolguy– Mister Bri ish – Chelsea man, you have so much love for SWAT and have stepped up so much. Honestly, I will always respect how much you put into helping SWAT and the staff to reach their goals. You want everyone here to succeed and always motivate them to be the best they can. I will miss waking up to your 100,000 paragraphs responding to every single person in the leader gc. However, I will NOT miss you spam calling us to wake up 😡 !!!

P A N I N I– Hi Panini, you truly are a Mango Queen and I remember last year when I was new to SWAT I always saw you in VC. I thought you were literally like a staff member in there, but turned out you were in a whole other army. I’m so glad we became such good friends and honestly, you’re the BEST SWAT VC Leader ONG!!! Love you kitty cat and I will always love those weird freaking Tik Toks you always randomly send us LMAOO.

Legoman– Thank you for being such a great friend throughout my army time. You were always there for me even and I will always appreciate you and all you have done for SWAT. You honestly are a great leader and not just that, but a great friend. Just like Firestar, you are so funny and you can make so many people laugh easily. I will always value our times we had together and when I first met you, you wanted me to make you an alt for Clubpenguin just so you could flex having a Diary of a Whimpy Kid username on Clubpenguin. You have definitely made this a fun time and honestly you always created the funniest armies LOL. Thank you, Dave.

Orange- Hello Barbie Troop Commander/Ally/Fello Friend, thank you for being there all the time helping me constantly and listening to me. You made this journey so fun and I will always cherish our moments together like our spotify jams and fun VC moments. I will always remember when you didn’t know me at all and VC’d me then passed out so I didn’t know what to do and I was like GOODNIGHT and exit the call. Then when I woke up, and saw you were STILL on the VC asleep LOOL. Thank you for everything, Orange! You do be a clown doe.

Chris- Chris you have become such a close friend to me throughout these past months. Honestly, I don’t even remember how we got to be such good friends, but I am so glad we are. You honestly made my time on Discord so much greater and always bring laughter to the group. Thank you so much for everything, you CLOWN. Also, please buy a new chair I will literally start a gofundme for you. GO ROACHES GO! #ROACHESFOREVER. I know your sugar plum is super proud of you too and would love to lead along your side with roaches while buying you all the W101 memberships.

Oli/Sammie– You two helped SWAT so much and honestly, I will never forget that. I respect you both a lot for everything you have done. I will always remember those days when we would all VC and play Among Us together for literally hours. We have all been through so much together and you two always would make it such a fun environment. Thank you for everything and letting me get to create those memories with you both.

Regan- You helped me so much in armies and I will always appreciate all the fun times we have had together. Especially all the cp weddings we had and then people using it for a max for their armies LOL. Thank you so much for everything and being so supportive of everything I do! I will never forget that one time you multi logged on a Danny Devito account and made him a “waiter” when we were on clubpenguin trolling around. Also, I will always remember the times I beat you on about all the games, especially Rocket League and Connect Four. Thank you again, Regan for everything! One thing though, Monster by Skillet SUCKS! Thank you also for unbanning me in the past all the time.

Thank you to all these people as well who have helped me so much and so many more!
Astro, Nelly, Dan, Isaac, Scargo, Conor, Dwain, Madhav, Crazzy, Flamez, Icequeen, Iceyfeet1234, Panini, Milly, Sage, SWAT Staff, SWAT SIT’s, SWAT Troops, SWAT, Clindsz, Kally, LawCorazon, AlphaEM, Neha, Fusion, Lucifer, Susej, Alex, Kattle, TheMightyA, Manu, Vanish Change, Stinky(Jack), Aaron, Camotes, Dr Queen, Lanie, F6, Cosmo, Noa, Caitlin, Myth, Shinde, Purple, Subster, Clout, Ninja, Smoke.

Thank you for all the amazing memories SWAT and thank you to everyone for letting me lead the best army ever and work with all of you amazing people. We rise together, we fall together, SWAT Forever.

Former SWAT Leader

3 Responses

  1. love you Momma Mare💖

  2. We all love youuu Maree!!!

  3. Mare! I remember when you were low staff during Club Penguin Online, you were so full of energy and always motivated. Those qualities were always present with you even when you became leader. You’re by far one of the greatest leaders the army has ever seen, both in and out of the CPPS era. It’s crazy to think that you ranked up all the way from trial staff, just shows you that anybody with your skillset can do it. Whoever is up next has some BIG shows to fill but with the way you’re training people SWAT will do just fine! Good luck on retirement!

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