Agent of the Week (02-08/08/21) – Interview

A new Agent of the Week was crowned earlier this week – I interviewed him to get the low-down on one of SWAT’s most successful new recruits! Read on to learn more about Eggz987!

This past week has been extremely busy throughout Special Weapons And Tactics, yet through all the action one troop stood out and has been crowned Agent Of The Week. We’re extremely happy to have Eggz987 with us, and he’s certainly made a huge impression with SWAT already! Keep reading to see how the interview with him went.

Let’s begin!

How are you today?

Eggz987: I’m good, just watching Spongebob. 

Elijahs: Ah nice, I haven’t watched Spongebob in a long time, the last I heard was about it being cancelled but I think it must’ve been extended.  

When did you join SWAT & how did you originally find out about it?

Eggz987: I found out about it through a Discord server invite, and joined around 30/7/21!

Elijahs: Ahah wow I think I actually recruited you then, with you being one of the first troops I ever recruited once I was Staff in Training! You’ve done a lot in SWAT since you joined then too, getting AOTW in the first full week you’ve been with us!

What’s your favourite colour?

Eggz987: I’d have to say both blue & yellow. 

Elijahs: That’s a really nice colour combination. Blue is one of my favourite colours too & I always think that you never really see much of yellow besides flowers and the sun, but maybe that’s just me aha. 

What’s been your favourite memory in SWAT so far?

Eggz987: Ah, my favourite memory so far was when Mare thought I was a girl when I first joined!

Elijahs: Ahahah classic Mare. I wonder what made her think that you were a girl in the first place? Maybe we’ll never know. 

What is your favourite food?

Eggz987: My favourite food is definitely fries because I love anything salty & also who doesn’t love fries!

Elijahs: Yep I’m totally with you, I love chips as we call them here too! I’ve always wanted to try poutine actually, even though I know that’s Canadian, not American – I always thought it looked so nice aha.

Any future plans in relation to SWAT?

Eggz987: I’d one day like to host/participate in the longest battle training event ever hosted by SWAT, as I think that would be a really cool thing to do. 

Elijahs: Wow yeah that really would be a historic thing to do. I wonder how long you’d have to make it to break the record? I think over 1 hour long at least!


Thank you so much Eggz for your time, and thank you all for reading this interview! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Eggz a little more and keep your eyes out for the next AOTW interview coming next week! 

– Elijahs ❤️

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