Another week has gone by and we have been AOTW-less for 1 week too, however, now it’s back and we’re ready to crown our new Agent Of The Week! Keep reading to find out more!

It’s been a week full of ups and downs and we recently were involved in a war that is now over so, with that said, we were ready to focus our sights on one thing and that thing was SWAT. Our agents have been working to promote activity and hard work within the army and each person brought something different to the table. However, only 1 person prevailed and became Agent Of The Week.

This person has been working hard to earn their place back into SWAT and have been determined to try and help out in every way they can by attending our events, promoting activity and even recruiting hundreds of new people into the server! This person is deserving of this role and this person is….



Congrats to Eli who has earned Agent of the Week this week. Also thank you to all those troops who have been trying their hardest week in and week out to help SWAT the most they possibly can, we appreciate you! Now, let’s see who made it into the top 5 troops this week!


  1. Eli – 56 Points
  2. 2. Family Man – 45 Points
  3. BigDappa – 43 Points
  4. Shabbir – 30 Points
  5. Alice 26 Points

Congrats to those who made it into the top 5, and for those who didn’t, KEEP TRYING! Everything you do in SWAT will be recognised in one way or another and appreciated not just by the leaders but by those around you so keep up the hard work!

SWAT Forever

One Response

  1. Congrats Elijahs!
    Keep up the amazing work

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