Addressing the SWAT victory over Templars…

Today is a great day for the SWAT Army of Club Penguin and the entire CPA community. We can now say that justice has been served to the Templars and that we all stand together for what’s right and we will not allow ourselves to be further plagued and falsely represented by this sorry excuse of a club penguin army.

We won’t dive too much into the specific malicious pictures that were sent by their leaders to us, as it’s not something that should even be seen by the CPA community or our troops here in SWAT. And I’m sure that we are all already aware of the Templars behavior, as it is constantly displayed and unending.

Seems that you have ______ yourself.

How many multilogs did it take to beat RPF? I’m assuming it would be closer to 50 than 20.
Is it a coincidence that both their size doubled when switching to CPR, and they wanted no smoke with SWAT on CPArmies where multilogs were checked for?
Referencing our pretty penguin leader’s likeness, Mare. (Falsified claims by the way)

Referencing a malicious attack and tactic used in a past war against our leader, Legoman. False accusations and completely unnecessary for a Club Penguin battle.
Old pic, but still helps to show the fan behavior displayed by the Templars & Xing himself.
Trying to steal our, at the time, HCOM member, Legoman in SWAT. Further showing that they wish they were us, and essentially, wanting our loyal troops.

At the end of the day, in both life and Club Penguin Armies, it seems that we search for purpose. When you don’t fight for one that is righteous, you will find yourselves in the position that the Templars are now in. I guess let this be a lesson to be learned that every action you make has consequences. What you give out in this world will be sure to come right back to you. If you are completely ignorant and un-empathetic, then soon the same will hit you right back in the face as well, but with the right purpose behind it and deservingly so. It’s hard to show empathy to an army who shows none to all of those who they have laughed at and harassed – most of the time because of things that those people cannot control. A lot of SS’s were not included in this post as I stated in the beginning, because here in SWAT we pride ourselves on keeping a safe environment and not exposing our troops to that type of behavior and bigotry.

FOR ALL THE SWAT TROOPS OUT THERE: I am proud of all of you for fighting hard in every battle, despite the obvious multilogging, unnecessary tactics attacking our SWAT family personally, racism, and the harassment in which this joke of an army has sent our way. We can take this time now to celebrate our victory and helping to serve a justice that the whole community has been wishing for, for a very long time. It’s a great day to be a soldier here in SWAT, and an even greater feeling restoring peace, love and happiness to the Club Penguin Army community. Remember, we defeat our enemies with love, and the hope that they will change their ways, not hate.


SWAT Creator, Ganger90

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