Assemble the Mighty.

✪】 Attention agents:

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Today, June 15, 2021, the Special Weapons And Tactics will engage in a massive invasion and defense against the Templars army at 7PM EST. This event is of the utmost importance. We mandate that every single SWAT agent must be in attendance. We have something massive to prove for the benefit of the entire community and we shall seize this opportunity. Time and time again the Templars have exhibited a pattern of disrespect and even harassment towards our leaders and members. This does not slide. The Templars shall atone for their actions on the battlefield when we bring a battalion of soldiers to quell their forces. We are strong. We are unstoppable. We are the mighty sword that shall smite our foes into oblivion. We are the voice that echoes throughout the community beckoning the world to flock to our righteous call. We are the key to once and for all obliterating the Templars and getting justice for every unjust action they have ever committed. Nothing shall stand in our way, or else it will be trampled by the mere glimpse of our unrivaled power. We are SWAT.

‘✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Commander-in-Chief

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