A Guide To Army Warfare!

In armies there is more to warfare than just training and practice battles as many of you know, however, there are many that don’t know what else there is to armies. Well, we are once again reverting back to the style of army warfare that we were involved in just last year but what does this involve? Let’s find out!

For a while now SWAT has been training with other armies and by ourselves, however, we did start to invade pieces of land earlier in the month but that soon came to a halt as we had other plans for the army and now we are at war. There is more to armies than practising for future wars and practising with other armies and this does involve invading pieces of land on a map but what happens when you invade a piece of land and what does a map look like? Well, these questions will be answered below.

The current map of land pieces.

All the islands on the map are pieces of land that we used to own Mammoth, Ice Cold, Ice Cave, Cabin and Ice Shelf, however, this has changed since. While it may not seem like a lot, there is more to be gained and that we have to invade.
Now, some of you may ask why do armies fight when a lot of land is not even owned right now. Well land is taken up quickly and pretty easily and every single army fights to be the best army and to be the best you have to be strong and you have to prove your strength through battle, people don’t just want to stick with the land they have, they want more to assert their dominance as an army. The more land you have, the better and if the army does weaken at any point in time, the amount of land gives security and hope to them. It gives them security so that they know that they have a chance to fight back and not lose all their land and hope for the future because if they were to some of their land they have x amount of servers still which gives them the opportunity to fight back before they lose all of it.

With battles comes war, and don’t get me wrong war springs from a variety of things but land and wanting to grow can be a big reason too. Some armies declare war just to get land but others declare because of something the opposing army has done. In the past, many have declared because the opposing army has done toxic things or has badmouthed their army. SWAT has declared on many armies in the past too, once we declared on ACP for what they had done in the past and what some leaders did (at the time). An example of a declaration can be found here: https://clubpenguinswat.org/2015/08/08/declaring-war-on-acp/

SWAT vs ACP in 2015

So what happens when an army has no land because Z army successfully invaded all of X army’s land? Well, this depends on the organisation’s rules but the current rules state that if an army loses all of their land they will be forced to sign a ‘force treaty’ which means that the army that has successfully invaded your land will force the treaty upon your army. This could result in a 3 months peace treaty with the army and most force treaties are non-negotiable. The current rules for invasions and defences can be found here.

So what happens in a war, well each army will schedule invasions on each other meaning that an army could have multiple invasions and defences in a week. This could mean that you could have 1 invasion and 1 defence per day (or more), totalling up to 14 events per week which would be a crazy schedule. Of course, this isn’t something that HAS to happen and is just a possibility, however, it just goes to show how crazy a war can get. For an example of a tied defence, click here. Nowadays, if there is a tie, it will remain a tie and the army whose land was being invaded will keep their land. However, if it is their capital, it will go for overtime to determine a winner.

Most wars end with an army having no land left, however, that doesn’t mean it has to end like that. An army can pull out of a war, surrendering their land. However, this isn’t done a lot as many armies have a lot of pride and will fight till the bitter end to try and win. Some armies will make an agreement to end the war or come up with a mutually agreed treaty to end the conflict between the 2 armies. War can end unofficially if no army schedules any more invasions without announcing that the war is over, however, this is also a rare case. After some wars, an army could die, by becoming inactive or shutting down and some armies do aim to kill so it’s not unusual that this can happen.

SWAT vs HSA, March 2013

Now, with war comes declaration posts. Declaration posts can be really wild as they can show many things that the opposing army has done and it can be a way to show everything toxic that leaders or the army as a whole have done or it could be a short and sweet declaration post. A recent declaration post is ours upon TCP which you can find here, this is an example of a post that is short and sweet which states little however, it gets the job done. Wars can also be for fun and this is done to keep activity up and to have a bit of excitement within armies.

How To Battle

When we log onto Club Penguin, we do tactics. (If you haven’t already, click HERE to create an account) These tactics can be in the form of emotes or words. There’s many emotes that can be used but how do you perform the tactics in-game? Well, if you are on mobile or cannot use your keyboard, you can use the quick emotes selection. You can access the quick emote selection tool by clicking the emote button on the bar at the bottom of the screen, as shown below

If you click the emotes button on the bar at the bottom of the screen, a box full of emotes show up, you can click on these to make the emotes show above your penguin

Or, if you have access to a working keyboard, you can perform tactics by pressing E and another letter. As shown in the pic above, a cake will appear when you press the cake emote BUT you can also make this appear by pressing E and K. There are multiple combinations of letters that you can press and during events leaders will say “EK ON 3” or something along these lines, this would mean press EK on the count of 3. You can also press some on their own, for example, if you press 1 on its own then an ! will show up above the penguins head, the same kind of thing will happen if you press ?, a question mark will appear above your head.

These are the combination of keys on your keyboard that you can press to make emotes appear above your penguin.

Leaders will also call word tactics during an event, an example of a word tactic is “UNCHAINED”, you would have to copy the word tactic from discord by double-clicking or selecting the tactic and clicking cntrl+C or right-clicking and pressing copy, the former is the easiest option though. Then you can paste the tactic into the text bar by either pressing cntrl+V or right-clicking and pressing paste. Again, the former is a lot easier to use to perform the tactics, especially when we are in a battle and the tactics are coming thick and fast. You can then paste the tactic by clicking enter on your keyboard or the chat bubble button in-game

Some tactics may require you to press use the suggested sentences, this would mean that to use them you have to click the text bubble on the left-hand side of the bar at the bottom of the screen. It will show you a list of topics and leaders will tell you in the discord chat what you will need to do to get the sentence you will need to get. If they say “QUESTIONS>WHAT> WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMAL;” it would mean press the text bubble on the left-hand side, then press questions, then what and then, finally, what is your favourite animal. An example is shown below on how to do it.

We also form different lines, shapes, letters and other things in-game which help us cover other armies but also it’s pretty cool to do! There are many formations that we form in-game and these range from A’s to V’s to circles, to diagonal lines and even upside down T’s. An example of a form and tactics are shown in a picture of a battle during a war in the picture below.

The Map

This is the map on CPR, in battles, there will be 3 rooms called, 1 every 10 mins (Excluding the starting room before the battle/event starts). Leaders will call the room you will be expected to move to that room, press the map in the left-hand corner of your screen then the map, as shown above, will appear, you should then move to the destination that the leaders call and do the tactics/bombs as usual. Sometimes, shops may be called instead of rooms, however, leaders will say where to go to get to the shop, for example; if the leaders call out the pet shop, the commands will be Plaza>Pet Shop meaning you should go to the Plaza and then enter the Pet Shop/

Some wars can lead to toxic tactics (which are not allowed) or toxic comments made towards certain people in-game or on Discord. When in battle, never take a tactic too seriously unless it is an attack on your person, in which you have every right to feel offended and can talk to someone about it, whether it be a SWAT leader or a league admin. If you do, by any chance, receive toxic comments in DMS on discord or attacks, you should report it to a leader and we will help you with this. However, this doesn’t normally happen so don’t worry but if it ever did, you now know what to do. Never respond to a toxic message if you can not respond to it in a calm manner then don’t respond! If you respond to them or respond in a negative way, it can sometimes make the attacker happy as they may get a laugh out of it so they may do more to provoke you. Just report it to a leader and let them live their own little lives, don’t respond or react to them.

We may win some battles, we may lose some battles, however, never stoop to the level that is below us. We shall stand proud in what we do, whether this be standing proud in defeat for what we achieved and how we fought or standing proud in victory, seeing how we overcame the odds to win the battle. If we do lose battles you shouldn’t react in a way that would initiate a response from the opposing army members and definitely don’t be toxic towards them.

Always make sure you’re attending every single battle that you can to help us win the war and you may make it far too. Never give up, never give in, never lose hope and always stand tall, proud and ready to fight

The Top Tens

Every week, SWAT holds trainings and practice battles (when we are not at war) and these get a certain amount of points with battles gaining us more points than training events. Armies get a different amount of points for al events and these are calculated by the type of event, the average size of the army during the event, quality of tactis/the event as well as other aspects. The amount of points that will be given will be based on aspects like this so it’s important that we bring our best to each and every event because it counts towards the top ten.

This is an example of a recent Top Ten

Our aim is always to place higher in the Top Ten and to score higher too. We want to be competing for the very top places as one of the powerhouses within the community. Wars help our point scores of course with us holding many battles during a week (sunday-saturday) so when we’re in war we need to keep our sizes consistent so that we profit, we can’t have our maxes dropping, gotta keep them rising to succeed 😉

Do you have any questions about army warfare that we haven’t answered? Make sure to comment them below and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

SWAT FOREVER | Bleed Black | UNCHAINED | We Rise Together, We Fall Together, SWAT Forever ~ Coolguy

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