Agent of The Week 04/07/21

Once again, troops have been working hard and reguarly attending events to obtain the title of Agent of The Week and not just to earnt the title but to support SWAT in any and every way that they can. Who is Agent of The Week this week? Lets find out!

28th June – 4th July

During the last week, SWAT held many ausias and even invasions which have made our week even more meaningful and these have impacted out Agent of The Week scores even more so the race for AOTW should be that much closer this week! Over the course of the past week, we held 5 events including ausias, a training event of course, invasions. Who was victorious in becoming AOTW?

Well this person is a past AOTW winner and they have been wroking hard to regain their title of Agent of The Week. They have helped with our invasions and our ausia events aswell as being active in SWAT and helping out as much as they can! This person is…..



Klipo obtained AOTW with 43 points this week! Congratulations to our new Agent Of The Week, make sure that you congratulate them in main chat.

While Kilpo obtained AOTW this week, there are still some agents who worked hard this week to try and achieve the role so we have decided to give 2 agents the role this week! This next person has been climbing the ranks in SWAT and working hard to find their feet and quickly learn all they need to know. This person is…..



Congratulations to both Livii and Klipo for achieving Agent of The Week this week. Livii obtained it with 28 points and they have been working hard for it so fully deserve the role alongside Klipo.

Close to Agent of The Week in 3rd place with 26 points was Alice!
Don’t be disheartend if you didn’t make AOTW this week or wasn’t in the Top 3, you can easily obtain Agent of The Week so keep working hard and I know that if you’re reading this you will definitely become Agent of The Week if you try! Good luck for next week!

SWAT Forever
~ Coolguy

2 Responses

  1. Congrats and great job!

  2. The discord server said there was a suprise and the only possible suprise is the double AOTW

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