27/06/21 Agent Of The Week

With the month of June slowly coming to an end, we got a final week that was full of excitement. Many people have been working hard to prove themselves this week and to try and grab the top spot and get AOTW but who prevailed? Let’s find out!

June 21-27th

This week was a good week for SWAT with many battles being fought as well as having many training events. SWAT agents have been fighting hard for SWAT all week but only 1 person can prevail as Agent Of The Week, lets find out who got it!

This person has worked EXTREMELY hard in SWAT this week, attending all SWAT events, being active in the chat. Not only this but they received a massive amount of points in the AOTW points, they received 66 POINTS!. This person is….


Shabbir Champion!!!

Congratulations to Shabbir for making it to AOTW! Hard work pays off and it is shown here again!

While Shabbir topped the charts, who was close behind? Let’s find out!


1. Shabbir Champion – 66 points
2. Cretu10 – 41 points
3. Billyisstinky – 40 points
4. Klipo – 28 points

Congratulations to those who made it into the top 4, and to former AOTW Kli for making it to the top 4 once again! While there is a gap before first and second, don’t be disheartened as there is always next week and as long as you try hard, you are bound to succeed and the same goes for all SWAT troops who didn’t make it this time!



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