Agent Of The Week-Interview

This week Special Weapons And Tactics has two Agents Of The Week. However this person is getting Agent Of The Week for the SECOND time! Everyone give it up for our hard working, Kli!! This interview was very fun and I am honored to be able to interview them. Read more to find out how it went!

Our interview starts….NOW!

To start us off, how has your day been?

I’m very glad to hear that! Has there been a song that you listen to a lot?
Undertale songs.

That’s a great game! Do you play video games?

Oooo like what?
Roblox and I don’t play it much anymore.

Our roblox events are super fun. Are you excited for our next SWAT event? ( for all you ausia troops ;3 )

#FIGHT4SWAT Do you have a pre-event routine? Like maybe putting on a playlist of your favorite songs.
I don’t know.

That’s alright! We can make one together. I think I asked you this last time but what’s your favorite color?
Blue and yellow.

OOOO how do you feel about being AOTW for a second time?

That’s great to hear! Anything to say to those reading?

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Kli, I know I sure did. Will you be the next Agent Of The Week?
Until next time…

SWAT Second In Command

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