SWAT Legend Interviews: Moneytrees10

SWAT has been around for over a decade and a lot of people have come in and out of SWAT, legends have been created and history has been made. Many new troops will think of SWAT as this current generation 2020-present, however, we are just 1 in a long line of generations of SWAT. SWAT is a historic army that has been a monumental part of Club Penguin Army history. Firstly starting in 2009, SWAT has risen through the Top Tens and fought again some of the best armies in the history of CPA. While we have had many ups and downs, our history will never be forgotten.

Moneytrees is a legend within the SWAT empire, he is known for his loyalty to SWAT throughout the years, his time in leadership, the wars he and many others got SWAT through and SO much more. Moneytrees began his time in SWAT way back in 2012 and has been a big supporter of the army ever since. We decided to interview him so you can learn more about him and SWAT’s history!

Many people know you as a SWAT legend but, for those who don’t know, when did you first join SWAT and how did you find the army?

My first stint I was only here for a few weeks as a moderator in the Xat chats, I left and started my own army which was a medium sized army for a short time, eventually I was a high rank in the army ‘Golds’ and had a fallout with the army at the time we had interactions with SWAT and I hung out in the chat occasionally because it fit my vibe after talking with Ganger I became a 3ic I dont remember years well but I can say it was a prosperous time and alot of the other people on this legends page paid dues during that time, great memories I worked my way up the army expanded and I was given the role over a short period of time

You obviously went through a lot in SWAT during your time here. What were some of the major things that you did/had to go through to get to where you are (as a legend) now?

I was known as a “army hopper” I had to settle down and just buy in to the family atmosphere once I did that I was straight everything else came through being a recruiter and just a active member when I was in armies

What was one of your favourite moments in SWAT and why?

Becoming the leader of SWAT, it felt like my first good accomplishment in my cpa career becoming a leader of one of the top armies and most consistent

What were some of the hardest challenges you had to face in SWAT? Additionally, how did someone threatening to doxx you affect you and what you were doing in SWAT?

I wouldn’t say anything was hard, ddossing and stuff was common back then all u could do is get a vpn it happened to me multiple times from different parties. SWAT was in a good position most of the time I was in it, I do remember bringing it back after a month hiatus which was a hard challenge we had to get back to a good size which we accomplished

A lot has changed since when you were leading SWAT, do you think leading/being a troop in an army is easier or harder now than it was back then?

It’s more harder armies aren’t the same and the setup isnt as ideal as before to me it was better back then and there was more of a steady influx of new people because the game still had TV ads and was promoted by Disney, when I retired if you asked me if armies would be around in 2020 I would’ve said no. Actually proud of this army and the community for hanging on

Do you remember any of the wars you led in SWAT and the leaders you led with? Were they monumental in any way to you or to SWAT? What was it like leading SWAT through them with your fellow leaders?

Ehh not really we beefed with everyone, every battle mattered to me, I remember Doms, Zuke, Ganger, Badboy, Taco, Ben, Cargo, Lights, Spi, Flames, Spikey, Stare, spent alot of time with half the legends page tbh, Legokid,Rap Rocks Percy Jackson all of them where great people in different ways with different vibes. It was great SWAT always had a large support cast

Do you ever see yourself returning to the army (short or long term)? Also, do you have any advice for those currently in the army who play a part in making SWAT what it is, whether they’re a troop, ally, staff, hcom or leader?

No, I’m pretty much into adulthood and I work alot irl, its not hard play your role and enjoy each other never know when cpa could die again (hopefully no time soon)

Thanks for the interview, do you have anything else you’d like to add or say to the troops?

Be the best!

Thanks for the interview Moneytrees as well as everything you have done for SWAT over time!
Well, Moneytrees has definitely been through a lot in SWAT, while they may not remember everything about the past, it has been written in the history of SWAT and won’t be forgotten any time soon!!!!

Did you like the interview? Do you wanna see more interviews like this and with who? Legends? Veterens? Ex-troops? Allies? Troops? Let us know by commenting below and if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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  1. Wow!! Absolutely love this interview. Thank you Coolguy and Moneytrees! #SWAT4EVER

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