Mystery Ausia Event

On Friday we’re holding an ausia even but not all is what it seems as there seems to be an unsolved mystery as to what’s going to happen during this ausia. I guess that the only way you’ll be able to find out what this mystery is, is by attending the event 😉 You’re in for a treat if you come so make sure you don’t miss this mystery event!


Friday, June 5th


5:00 PM UAE

4:00 PM MSK

3:00 PM CEST

2:00 PM BST

1:00 PM UTC

9:00 AM EST

8:00 AM CST

7:00 AM MST

6:00 AM PST

1:00 AM NZ

11:00 PM AEST

10:00 PM JST

9:00 PM SGT

6:30 PM IST

We will be using CPREWRITTEN make sure you’re on for early log on which is 30 mins before the event starts!


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