PB vs Magma Clan [Results]

Greetings all SWAT agents worldwide,


Today we logged in at 6:00 PM EST for a Practice Battle against the ‘Magma Clan’ Army. An exiled past legend had some things to say about SWAT in general and individuals in the army so we knew that we had to completely destroy the competition today. We were blessed with an easy victory and a light breeze for opposition. They decided to not even show up in Room 3, scared of the mighty SWAT, as they should be.
Stay updated on the discord for our next event.

Can’t tell

We currently have 4 male leaders and 3 female leaders. Gender does not play a role in any decisions made

Pre Battle:

If everything you say is true, your army would max more than 5.

Max: 27

Estimated Magma Clan Max: 5

2 Responses

  1. SWAT Forever.

  2. ez

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