SWAT Legend Page Revamp

Attention SWAT Agents:

For the past three days myself, Ganger90, and Stare3000 have looked through old event pictures dating back to SWATs founding years in an attempt to revamp the Special Weapons and Tactics Hall of Fame. This was done as a way to honor the immense loyalty and dedication shown by the legends who paved the way for SWAT to be where it is today. Each custom penguin was modeled after a legend in their original uniform in an attempt to pay homage to all of the different personalities and people that make up what is SWAT. After all, SWAT is not one single person, SWAT is a family and each individual member makes an impact on the SWAT community as a whole. We are thankful for every single member and all of the contributions you bring to SWAT. Perhaps one day you could even be included on the SWAT Hall of Fame, to be remembered in SWAT history for all time. We rise together, we fall together, through storms we weather, always SWAT forever.

A few examples below for those interested:

i expanded on the blue tanks, making it more prominent
swat runs on badboy
my idol
i took some creative liberties with this one, expanding on the blue color scheme

End Transmission.


SWAT Commander-in-Chief

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