Agent of The Week- Interview

Today I was lucky enough catch the Special Weapons and Tactics, Agent of The Week, L90, and interview him! L90 has been an incredible troop, staff, VC leader, and cameraman for SWAT for a long time. Read more to see how it went!

Our interview will start now!

Alright L90! Lets start off with something simple, how are you doing today?
I am doing pretty well today! thanks for asking

Glad to hear that : DD no problem. So what’s the inside scoop of L90’s day to day on discord?
Step 0: Wake up (either with an alarm on weekdays or on own on weekends)
Step 1: Check servers
Step 2: School & homework (only on weekdays)
Step 3: More chatting in servers
Step 4: Maybe watch a few videos
Step 5: Go to bed

: O Wow busy schedule. Okay I have to ask, cats or dogs?

Ohhh I see I see. Do you have any pets?
A dog named “Mickey” (if you couldn’t tell, I am a HUGE disney fan)

OMG! I’m also a huge disney fan lol, can we see a picture of Mickey?

Very cute! What’s your favorite color?

Oooo a very fun color. As our incredible VC leader, do you have any tips for aspiring VC leaders?

Just try your best and have fun!

: 0 Fantastic words of encouragement! So what drives you to do your best for SWAT everyday?
Its basically a new way to play club penguin
Like speedruns on any game
Or watching doctor who sorted by the times that the episodes take place in
And its fun!

Ooo incredible. How does it feel to be the interviewer being interviewed?
You know that reaction image/meme that is like “well well well, how the tables have turned”, right?
Basically that

Turntables Well Well Well GIF - Turntables WellWellWell HowTheTurnTables GIFs

LOL yeah yeah. What’s your youtube channel so we can have people take a look at our events? (speaking of events we have one tomorrow, 5/14, at 9AM EST )

Anything to say to those reading?

LOL Thank you so much L90

And that concludes our interview with the one, the only, SWAT’s cameraman, L90!! Fun Fact: L90 also had a podcast with Legoman at one point called Brick by Brick. L90 shows his loyalty and pride for SWAT each and everyday (especially at u-leads where he shows that he is more than ready to become SWAT’s next leader). I had a fantastic time interviewing L90 and I hope you had a fantastic time reading. Will you reading be the next Agent of The Week?
Until next time…

SWAT Second in Command

2 Responses

  1. Wow, love this interview!! Thank you Kayla for this great article. Also, congratulations, L90! We appreciate all the hard work you provide to SWAT.

  2. Great interview and thank you for your time L90

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