SWAT Graduation Takeover Event

A new CPR code has been released, this time it has a graduation theme! Because of the recent release of the items/code we have decided to hold a graduation-themed training event! As per usual, we expect EVERYONE to be there as we aim to reach new goals, new hights and a new golden age. Make sure you check the times below to make sure you can come!

Tuesday 04 May


2:00 AM UAE

1:00 AM MSK

12:00 AM CEST

11:00 PM BST

10:00 PM UTC

6:00 PM EST

5:00 PM CST

4:00 PM MST

3:00 PM PST

10:00 AM NZ

8:00 AM AEST

7:00 AM JST

6:00 AM SGT

3:30 AM IST

We will be using CPREWRITTEN https://play.cprewritten.net/#/login make sure you’re on for early log on which is 30 mins before the event starts!

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