Agent of the Week – Interview

Today, Special Weapon and Tactics was lucky to interview our special Agent of the Week, Chen! Chen has worked extremely hard in SWAT and was rewarded with AOTW. Read more to see how the interview went.

SWAT Third in Command, L90, interviewing AOTW, Chen

To start off, how do you feel about being agent of the week?
It felt very good like “agent of the week” is a very honorable title.

Amazing answer! Next question, what is your favorite Clubpenguin mini game?
Pizzatron 300 or that mine cart game.

I actually agree with that a lot! If you could choose to get one super power, what would you choose?
Mind control because that ability we can also read minds and stuff like that and can change anything. I would not choose like super strength stuff because that is mostly useless.

Neat! If you woke up and were now a SWAT leader for 24 hours, what would you do first?
I don’t know more about that because SWAT is my first server when I started discord so I may not know that much about leader stuff!

No worries! Next question, if you could update any game to have any addiots, what game would it be and what would you add/edit/remove?
I have many games that I could make better, but I would say I may do changes on club penguin & cyberpunk 2077.

Neat, last question! What is your favorite animal?
Dragon and dolphins!

Nice answers, anyways that concludes the interview I hope you had fun with those questions!
It was fun!

—- End of Interview —-

Thank you, Chen, for being such an incredible SWAT troop! We truly appreciate all of the hardwork you put into SWAT! Congratulations, once again! Hopefully we all learned a bit more about our AOTW, Chen.

SWAT Third in Command

SWAT Leader

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  1. Awesome interview with L90

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