Funny SWAT Moments

Today, we will be taking a step back from serious army topics to take a look at some funny moments that have happened in the Special Weapons and Tactics community. Read more to laugh along with some of your friends.

First off we have something none other than our leader Kaliee!

As you can see even the SWAT Creator Ganger90 was a noob at discord once and didn’t know how to ping. Nowadays if you’re around SWAT chat before events, beware, because Ganger has an obsession with doing the @everyone ping now that he’s figured it out.

Ever wondered where ‘Camotes the EQ King’ came from?

This is an iconic moment indeed. I’m sure you can count on seeing some EQ tactics from Camotes himself at our Spring Showdown this Saturday, April 24th at 3PM EST.

This one was given by Coolguy and it’s super interesting, take a look.

It is prefect example of how SWAT vs ACP has always been a big topic around the SWAT website and chats. It also shows that SWAT is a chill, fun, and super strong army. Props to Ganger for bringing hilarious moments to us by just raging on the website at troops and other armies. Even if some things weren’t appropriate for all audiences it goes to show that Ganger and SWAT are dedicated, loyal, strong and much much more.

I have this lovely quote from LEGOMAN that has many funny moments.
“I’d say the funniest SWAT moment for me would be during the Eagre Foray when we ran out of tactics and did a PPPPPPPP bomb and then various animal sounds and then mare called a wipe to the wrong side it was hilarious. Honorable mention being the time Firestar08 was drunk on Vc and hitting on me excessively. Other top points would be the Ninjago takeover, Monkee Dance Swag ofc, the Crystal Cowboys Treaty, the AUSIA, when I streamed Gangers RFW posts from when he was 9 years, Minecraft with Oli, Cargo leaving and Kaliee unsuccessfully begging him to come back, getting banned from HF with Pizzagang and sadboi, Ethan’s “mature” streams and then his transition to being a hardcore sexist in a matter of minutes, Pizzagangs Trial where he called Conor “Regan” , Vc when everyone became Kayla, hiring Jaylen for a total of one hour before firing him, L90s tantrum during among us, trevs soundboard, “ard,” ninja teaching snail about the hood, all the swat couples smh, Fire marrying me in bot commands and many more. We just too funny.”

And last but not least, a fan favorite that was given by Firestar08, Mare, and Grace.

SWAT was seen monkeying around during Eagre Foray. With awesome battles, invading WV, and coming out victorious, Special Monkeys and Tactics will forever be an iconic funny moment.

I hope that you had as much fun reading as I did writing! What’s your favorite funny SWAT moment? Leave your moments in the comments ; )
Until next time….

SWAT Second In Command

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